Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Another Bush Furniture/Office Max update

Continued from this story.

Well, I FINALLY got a notice from FedEx saying that they need me to call the local center because they can't find my address. I call, give the tracking number and low 'n' behold... THE ADDRESS is wrong.

Correct address: 1331 W Main St.
Incorrect address. 131 E Main St.

That's the OTHER side of town! It's a good 20+ minute drive to that side of town to boot. Our streets are not wonky. We're a large, spread out town/city. We don't have many weird/wonky streets that curve. You basically can't get lost in this area because all the streets run one of two directions - due North to South and East to West. So they're going to deliver the parts tomorrow but why do I have a feeling that either (a) the pieces will be damaged, (b) the pieces will be wrong and (c) all of the above?

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