Bean Queen (yumalanrickman) wrote in bad_service,
Bean Queen

Annoyingly bad service:

I tried to get Alanis' Unplugged album from a store called MVC. I ordered it, and they said it would take a month to arrive and they'd phone me. They didn't, so i went into to check and they had it behind the desk. The first time it had Jagged Little Pill in it. No biggie, i just go back and ask them for a new disk because someone obviously put the wrong one in. The thing is, it costs me £1 each way on the bus to get into town to go to this shop, and i had to do it four times.

1)First time it had Jagged in.
2)Second time it had different Alanis cd in
3) Third time it had the same Alanis cd as before, but the cd-holding spools had broken and it slipped out as soon as i opened it (in the shop this time :D)
4) Unplugged - with broken spools again. At this point i didn't CARE anymore and left.

Another time i attempted to order in Bowie's bassist Gail Ann Dorsey's album from Virgin. They told me it'd be in within a month as the factory only had nine in stock. I double checked whether i'd recieve a phonecall, and they said yes. Month and a half later, no phonecall. So i go in.

Me: Hey i was just wondering whether my order was in yet?
Him; Certainly. *checks under my name* I'm sorry, there's no order placed for you
Me: *waving my order slip at him* Well, i have an order slip.
Him: No, sorry, no order. Would you like me to put it on the system for you now?
Me: -_-; yes please.

A month later:

Me: *lather, rinse, repeat*
Him: I'll just check for you. Hmmm nope, not in the system.

(at this point i just left because i didn't want to start shouting at him or foam at the mouth or anything. I tried to order it from WHSmith & HMV, still avoiding MVC at this point. Unfortunately, neither could find any record of the cd, it being fairly uncommon)

Two months later, i go in the shop with a friend and just happen to ask if they have any in. The assistant says they only have one, but its reserved for someone.

Guess who?

Yeah. My order from four months ago.
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