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"Hold please...."

This is probably a classic, but no less annoying for it.

I remembered that I needed to make an appointment six minutes before the office closes at 4:00pm, so I hurry up and call them. The receptionist says she has to place me on hold 'for just a minute'. Endless muzak and repeated message recordings follow. After literally more than 10 minutes on hold I have no choice but to hang up because I have limited free minutes on my cellphone. I immediately call back and of course get a recorded message that the department is closed for today, since it is now after 4:00pm.

The real kicker? This was a hospital department that I called; for a medical appointment. This is how their staff treat patients; leave them on hold forever so that by the time they realize they've been (deliberately) forgotten they can't call back again because the office is now closed.
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