Brunhilde_Valkyrie (brunhildevalkyr) wrote in bad_service,

Joann Fabrics...

I was at Joann Fabrics... my mecca... my therapy...

I was standing at the cutting counter... no employee in sight... I was approached by a teen.. she said excuse me and asked if she could ask me a question. I told her I didn't work here... she replied that's ok she still had a question. I assumed she had a questions about my opinion on something... this often happens. So I said go ahead...

She proceeds to tell me that she's seeking donations for her church group.... so she can go to a leadership conference...

I stared at her... dumbfounded...

this wasn't the parking lot... this wasn't outside the store... this was IN the store... harrassing me at the cutting counter...

I considered making a snarky remark... but just said I wasn't interested.
Meanwhile... the employee still wasn't there to cut my fabric. I poke my head up to the register and see the cashier chatting with someone about a wedding. I figure it's just customers on there way out. The chatting continues... still no employee... so I peek again and notice the people the cashier are chatting with are wearing employee aprons. They had no clue what was going on. Meanwhile there is another girl there looking for donations for the Christian group. The cashier and employees are aware they're in there!!!! They're also discussing how they wish they had money to donate to these girls because something or other is really cute(both girls were carrying boxes and clipboards(in between their other idle chatter). Had they been stocking shelves... or waiting on customers... I wouldn't have minded in the least having to wait... but they were chatting... about personal crap... and not paying attention to customers!!  Even if they had been discussing store business... I wouldn't have been so angry...

I get fed up... toss the fabric on a shelf... and storm up to the counter. I inform the employees that they just lost a sale since they were too busy chatting to notice someone at the cutting counter. The girl wearing the pink shirt(possibly Manager on Duty???) replies "That's ok... (That's ok????? That's ok that you just lost a sale of at least $50... probably more... from a hugely loyal customer???? I drop probably well over a thousand dollars there in a year... ) I tell them I'll be contacting corporate as I'm walking out the door. I turn, walk back and say.. get the girl in the pink shirt's name... she had a dumbfounded look on her face as I make my exit... and one of the Christian fundraising girls holds the door on my way out...

Gahhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I was and still am totally annoyed... offended... gahhhh... plus I didn't get the fabric I was planning on picking up.

I ended up going to another Joanns... and getting the fabric..

I really hate poor customer service... and to have that lumped with having been harassed by a person fundraising for a church.... **shudders**

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