Jeannie (jaygrl) wrote in bad_service,

Recap on the Letter from Credit Protection:

sorry about not summerizing the situation..i thought i posted when the situation started and i was just updating.

To recap:

My husband had a medical bill from way before we met. when we lived in houston he would get a post card every once in a while saying he owed and amount that was accruing interest. At the time we could not pay. We get to Ohio in December 2002 and in may 2003 when we both get good jobs we contact them. I ask that regular receipts with a declining balance written on it when they say he owes nearly twice the amount ever owed. They stated they would take off all the interest if they were properly paid. I let them know that i needed the receipt and would be happy to pay it since i take care of the bills.

Fast forward 8 months of religious paying.

We move to our own apartment and i call them to let them know i had not received their latest receipt. The girl says they don't send statements. I said i need the receipts and she sends to the wrong address after i give it to her. At the and of the week she calls and wants payment. I say not without the receipt because that is what we agreed to. She said that she was tired of arguing the issue and was going to sue. Then she called back and told my husband that if he missed a payment that they would garnish his wages since she had called HR where my husband works and set it up. I researched the process and found out they couldn't do that without having a judgement against us and it was not something they could just set up on the phone> I then reported them to the Better Business Bureau.

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