¿Cachai? (tessibean) wrote in bad_service,

This happened before christmas, I was out shopping for the boyfriend.  Ended up at JC Penny's, where i saw a bunch of nice monogramed men's hankies.  I knew my boyfriend loves his hankies, so I picked out a nice set of "R"s and went up to the register.

Now, to add some background here.  I'm 19, but depending on what I'm wearing or if my hair is up or not, I can look about 15. 

As I handed over the hankies, the woman at the cash register looked directly at my mom, and asked her "So, is that everything?"  Now, my mom and I don't really look all that much alike. Nor was she standing right by me, but rather off a bit looking at some of those gadgets they had laying around for christmas.

I replied that no, that was it.  As she rang it up though...

"Do you need a gift recipt?"
"Nope!  I should be good, thanks."
"Are you sure?"
"...Nope, I should be okay."
*she glances over at my mom* "Are you SURE you don't need one?  Maybe in case you forgot the right letter?  You might have to return it then, you know!"    This was said in a tone that... frankly, one uses with either five year olds or the mentally disabled.

I paid with a check, (Which she started to tell me how to fill out before I *glared* like hell.) and left, PISSED.  That hadn't been the first time a cashier had lectured me about my purchases in Penny's (like the woman who lectured me for 5-7 minutes about why I should get a credit card), or in other stores.

Honestly, what makes someone think they can lecture me?  I'm 19; even if I looked 15, I'm pretty sure most fifteen yearolds know the difference between the letter R and an M.
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