Ren (wunderaliceland) wrote in bad_service,

happened a long time ago but it totally stuck with me

A couple of years ago my best friend's mom went into Victoria Secret to buy my best friend some stuff for Christmas presents. Her mom is a little more heavy set but not seriously overweight by any means. My best friend told me that one of the sales ladies came up to her and instead of asking if she needed help finding anything she said, "Ma'am I think you might have a hard time finding anything here that fits you. Might you want to try another store?" Best friend's mom stares this girl down and says, "Excuse me? I am in here buying a Christmas present for my daughter. How dare you say something like that to me?" yada yada yada...

True, maybe my best friend's mom wouldn't find anything in her size at the store but what a bitch of a salesperson to ASSUME that every person walking in there is buying for themselves. And what right did she have to tell her she couldn't purchase their product for herself anyway?(If that had been the case) Do they go up to all the men and point out that it is a LADY store? No. Ugh, like I said, this happened a good..two years ago but it BLEW my mind.
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