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Yesterday I did something I have never done before... asked to speak to a manager.

I have several interviews coming up, so I decided to head to Sears and get some business clothes. I planned on buying several things, and I was unsure about the sizes, so I ended up trying on about 15 things (definitely no more than 20). I took 3 trips to the dressing room. I ended up buying 5 things, that were regularly $150 but marked down to $100. I had wanted to spend more, but a lot of their sizes were out because of the sales.

After my first trip in the dressing room, I was browsing jeans when I saw one of the employees take out the dressing room rack, yelling to the other girl about how “they filled it up so fast! Why is everyone using this dressing room!” I waited until she walked away (cos it made me uncomfortable), then went in to try on some more things. A few were successful, a few were not, so I left maybe 6 things in the dressing room & went back for a few more.

I was in the dressing room, on my third try, when I hear the employee walk in. “Oh my God! They filled it up again! You’re my witness, I was in here 15 minutes ago and it was empty! I can’t believe this! I should just close this dressing room off because people keep trying on all this stuff!” She drags the rack out but I can still hear her, as she’s practically yelling at her coworker. “Look, it’s the same person trying on all this stuff too! It’s all the same brands, Apostrophe, Rena Rowan, and they’re all size 16! I can’t believe this! Ugh!” Then she walks back in and starts to open the room I’m in, without knocking or anything. I’m like “Uh, there’s someone in here” (wanted to say “the one you’re talking about right now?”) & she slams the door shut. I can hear her still going on & on about “whoever’s trying all this stuff on.”

At that point, I was extremely embarrassed. Sure, I was trying a lot of stuff on, but how does she know I’m not buying a ton of stuff too? I hung everything back up properly, and put everything on the rack for unwanted items. I left nothing in the dressing room. I’m sure it’s annoying to have to put a lot of clothes back, but if you’re going to complain, at least go somewhere else to do it, or whisper, or whatever. Don’t yell when you don’t even know if the person you’re yelling about is still in the dressing room.

I had to convince myself not to drop everything on the floor and leave, I was so upset. I hung everything up, gathered the things I was going to buy, and walked out to the registers. As this guy is ringing me up, the girl yells from near the dressing room “THEY FILLED IT UP AGAIN!!!” to all the employees standing at the registers. Then she starts going on about it again. I was so embarrassed, especially since I’m buying those brands so it’s obviously me. So I quietly asked the guy ringing me up for a manager, and when she came I stepped into an aisle & told her what happened, & how it really embarrassed me (my hands & voice were shaking when I was telling her). It makes me not want to go back there, but I probably will anyway.
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