She's Dangerous (wbatpoaginar) wrote in bad_service,
She's Dangerous

Is it just me?

Does anyone else really hate it when a cashier comments on your purchases? Depending on what I'm buying I find it embarrasing.

For example, last week I was at the local grocery store and they were having a sale on Smart Ones frozen meals and Weight Watchers yogurt. I follow the Weight Watchers plan and eat the yogurt nearly daily, and I like to have the Smart Ones or other "diet" frozen food around in a pinch, so I took the opportunity to stock up.

My cashier told me he was also trying Weight Watchers, and started recommending different less expensive yogurts. I buy the Weight Watchers yogurt because any of the others that equate to "1 point" (the lowest value food can be assigned, basically) taste terrible to me. He also asked me several personal questions relating to weight loss, how much I had lost so far, how long I've been following the plan, etc. He also told me I didn't look like I needed to be on a diet at all.

Now, he was not trying to be rude, but I just found the whole thing uncomfortable. I'm proud of my weight loss and not shy about sharing information with people who are interested in doing the same. However, it's simply not something I want to discuss with a stranger in a grocery store - especially when that stranger is critiquing my food choices.

On a similar note, no cashier should EVER insult someone's purchase. I went to Target yesterday to buy my boyfriend these mini salt & pepper grinders that are magnents for Valentine's Day. A coworker bought them for her husband to use while grilling, and I thought it was a cute idea for my boy who cooks soley by grilling. The cashier inquired about them, saying she thought it would be odd to hang salt & pepper griders on the fridge to which I explained I wanted to give them to my boyfriend for easy access while grilling since they could be stuck to the grill. Her response?

Well that's a weird gift.

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