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not really bad service, just rather irritating.

i have nextel as my service provider. i have been pleased with my service from them so far. aside from a few incidents where i lost my job and had issues with unemployment, i've been good with getting the bill paid on time.

i have online billing, as well as paper billing, and the online lets me see various stats, such as minute usage, etc. i happened to notice that my anytime minutes were starting to creep up to the limit, due to the fact that i'm working midnights now, and my SO and i are talking more during the day. anytime i've called, they've been able to make the changes right there over the phone to my plan/features. i researched some plans to upgrade to and decided to stick with my current plan bracket, just up my anytime minutes to 500, which should be plenty. i also wanted to get my number changed for personal (my ex kept phoning me just to randomly scream at me about pointless things) and practical (when i got my cell phone, i chose the number local to a city about 20 minutes north of me, when i spent most of my time in the city 20 minutes SOUTH, and i kept having to dial area codes for local numbers, which sorta sucked).

everything gets taken care of, she gives me my new number. this next part is key: i ask her if i will see the changes reflected immediately, because while i have no issues with paying any minutes i go over, the main reason i'm upgrading is to prevent something like that from happening. she says yes, it's all taken care of. so i give it a few hours to process through the system, and check online. all the changes are there. the only thing i couldn't see was certain aspects like my minutes used, etc.

now, another thing with my nextel phone, along with a few other people i know that have their service -- i have a $150 limit on my phone. basically, if i go over this, my phone will be deactivated. that has only happened once, when i was having unemployment issues.

this billing cycle i was close to said limit because i upgraded a few services last month, and i had a prorated bill. my due date is the 9th and my bill cycles on the 12th.

on the 31st, i go to call my mom before work, and i get this message saying that i'm being redirected to customer care. i'm confused, but i allow myself to be transferred. they say i'm $6 over my spending limit. that confuses me further because at last check i only owed $115, and the automated system was saying i owed $115, but i sucked it up and paid $20. i asked the guy if he knew what was causing the issue, and he said he wasn't sure. so i looked online -- still couldn't view my minutes, but everything else seemed to be in order. so i shrugged it off.

friday, i go to call my SO, and get the same message. i was a little more irritated with the girl i spoke with. i told her i'd just paid $20. she said if i paid another $10, i would be below the limit. so i paid it, because the weather is getting bad, and i didn't want to be phoneless. i had to work, so i didn't have time to check online to see if anything had changed.

yesterday, i go to use my phone on break, and i get a little message that says service restricted. now, i'm fuming. i borrow a co-worker's phone and call customer care. i explained to them that i just handed them $30 to keep from going over my spending limit when a) i wasn't past due, and the automated system was telling me i only owe $85.13 and b) i'm still over a week from my due date and cycling over.

so the csr researches it for me and explains that i have $122 in overages and that with my $150 credit limit, once my overages get so high they start applying it to my spending limit, regardless of billing status. i explain to her that there's no way i've gone over 500 minutes that far, and she looks again:

"oh, no, ma'am. you're only on the 300 plan."

i explained that i shouldn't be, that i should be on the 500 plan. she asked me how long ago i called, and i said about two weeks ago. i also asked her if there's any way that they can restore service as a courtesy (i've worked in a billing call center, so i figured it wouldn't hurt to ask, because we were allowed to do that if they were a good standing customer), and she said that the computer would just throw me back into being deactivated, so she wouldn't be able to, and that she couldn't see why i wasn't in the correct plan. the next thing i know, she's transferring me to someone else.

i go through this song and dance with this new csr, who is rather rude. i gave her my name and my cell number, explain what's wrong. to which she said:


i wasn't sure what to say to that, so after about two minutes of awkward silence, she asked me if there was anything else she could do for me, and hung up. i realized afterwards that this was probably the supervisor of the csr. not sure why i was transferred there, i never requested a sup, and at least where i worked, the customer had to request one. but regardless, she acted like it was my fault i wasn't aware of the fact that my new plan would cycle with my billing, especially when my online statement was reflecting that i'd already been placed into it.

i have no issues paying for overages, but why couldn't the first two reps i spoke to tell me this when i asked? it would definetely have saved a lot of confusion and me being without a phone tonight when i got locked out of my house.
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