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I just got off the phone with them and I am seriously annoyed.

Background: A couple days ago I started having problems with my phone line; I would suddenly lose my dial tone and it would stay that way from anywhere to 30 minutes to a couple hours. I call Verizon and file a trouble ticket through their automated system and they say a technician will be out here today between 8 am and 1pm. So I sit around the house all day, one comes. Finally at 2:30 I call the automated system again and find out that my trouble ticket has been cleared. I decide to speak to a live person and this is what they tell me:

"Oh, that was fixed last night."


Turns out there was a dead circuit board in one of the regional switch boxes that was the cause of the problem; others had been having the same problem as me apparently. I sat home all day waiting for a repair I no longer needed and they'd never bothered to call me and let me know at the alternate contact number I'd left them when I made the report. When I pointed this out he said, "Well we do normally call, I'm not sure why no one did." They apologized but cripes...they wasted my day!


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