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We've had an HDTV for a while and decided to finally spend the money and upgrade to HD service with DirecTV. They had just lowered the price on their HD-DVR so we went out purchased it and then called them to schedule an installation date. We're told that an installation person will come out in 3-5 days and they activated our account. So we go ahead and cancel our old cable service and return that box. A week passes and we don't hear anything from DirecTV. When my husband calls them again they quote us the vague time of "weeks" until they can get a person to our home. They refuse to give us a reason for the delay or to schedule us for a solid date.

We decide to be patient and wait another two weeks and no word from them. Since our account has been activated we are being billed even though they haven't installed anything. Today my husband called them again and got the same run around. They're refusing to remove the charges for service for this month and refusing to schedule us for an installation time. Usually Chris is a calm person, apparently he got the point of yelling after being bounced around between representatives and going through two different supervisors. No one can give us a date, no one can give us a reason and we'll have to pay for a service they know that we aren't receiving. It wasn't until Chris told them that we'd just eat the cost of the DVR box and go to Dish Network did he get any results.

Apparently due to the drop in price in the HD-DVR box they're backlogged six months with installation jobs. They've known this for two months but yet quoted us the time of 3-5 days. The last supervisor eventually relented and told us we wouldn't be charged until our dish is installed and managed to get us scheduled for March 1st.

This wouldn't have been a problem if they would have been honest about the wait. Yeah the wait sucks but at least then we wouldn't have canceled our old service or activated our account with them. They're pretty much running a scam, quoting a quick installation time to get people to activate their service and then charging people for six months of satellite TV they aren't getting.

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