Miss Kitty (kittylair) wrote in bad_service,
Miss Kitty

Fed up!

I don't often post.. but this strikes me as Bad Service!

I've been living at my apartment complex for 7 months.
In that time I've given them two referals. They have a referal=cash program.
First time I got $250  and it took them 4 months to process it. (What that means is they forgot about it till I remembered and started to pester them)
The second time it's supposed to be $300. After last time they promised me it wouldn't take that long.
December 10th it was supposed to be sent up to their main office.
I called on January 10th to see the status and was told they had to look into it, but it should be there that week. January 17th they find a "goof". January 25th it gets signed off and sent up to Michigan with a "rush order" to be here that Monday.

And I'm still waiting....

My roomate is all "it's a referal they don't have to give it to you", but dammit I was told I was getting this money by January 15th. I have a letter of promise in my file. So yes they do have to give it to me.
Timely would of been nice.
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