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Office Max and Bush Furniture update

Re: This post and this post.

Some asshole who identified himself as the "manager" told me there is nothing Office Max can do because it's now past 30 days since I bought the desk. I'm furious.

Ok, here's what's happened. On January 24th, the desk broke at the top black piece and the brown piece (see pic in previous post for what the desk looks like). I called Office Max and the person I talked to said, "Call Bush Furniture". I call Bush Furniture and was told (after much run around, again see previous post) that I would get the part WITHIN five business days. Five business days was YESTERDAY. Today, still no part so I decide to call Office Max again because when my husband called and talked to a "manager" that person said, "no problem, but we don't have any in stock you'll have to wait until Thursday". That would be January 25th but by then I called Bush Furniture so I decided against it.

My desk is falling apart now because the two crucial pieces are broken. I can't afford to go out and spent another $200 on a desk while waiting for the parts. Hell, I shouldn't HAVE to spend even another dollar for parts!

So I call Bush Furniture and was told, "Oh you should already have the part." No offer to send me out another one, no tracking number to see where the hell the pieces are at. Nothing. So I call Office Max and ask for the STORE manager but instead get another damn supervisor. This time he tells me, "Oh well it Office Max's policy to return items within 30 days and unfortunately there is nothing we can do." Yea, that pissed me off and so I said, "You really want me to go over this with you and basically bitch you out, don't you? Ok, here goes...."

So I told him that we bought the desks originally the day before XMas eve (Saturday), we found out XMas Eve night - by the time the store was closed - that it was defective. Had to go back the day AFTER Xmas to return/exchange it, got grief from the bitch cashier who complained about not having enough money in her till and they had another supervisor AND assistant store manager there telling her it was ok to do it, then ORDER the desk online... for which they had to use a gift card because we paid in cash and there was no other way to order it since our credit cards were maxed out by that point, THEN not get a reciept because the printer was broken, get my desk near the end of December and put it together only to have the desk last LESS then one month. NOW I'm being told that I should have brought the desk back in January because of their damn policies.

I'm furious. Bush Furniture won't take responsiblity for the product and neither will Office Max. Last time I shop there due to this incident and what happened on Saturday.

Let me recap on Saturday. I went to buy some office supplies for the house. Saw they had dry erase markers on sale - buy two, get one free. I get up to the register and end up paying $22 and some odd change because I had a $10 off card. I thought it was odd because I should have paid about $6 less. I take five feet from the register looking at the reciept and see I'm charged for all three dry erase markers. I go back and the cashier tell me that the sale signs I saw were for the next day's new ad but they were putting the signs up NOW because they don't work after closing. WTF, isn't that illegal? She would not honor the sales sign. It pissed me off that they would put sale signs up WHILE the store is open (this was at 10 AM, they close like at 8 PM) yet not honor the sale sign because it was for the next day. Eventually the supervisor gave me a fourth box of dry erase markers for free instead of giving me the third box for free. Basically, I bought three, got one free. ::rolleyes::. I was ripped off. One box of four black dry erasers cost $5.34. That breaks down to $1.34 a marker. Buying two and getting one free breaks the cost down to, 89 cents. Buying three, getting one free breaks down the cost of the markers to $1.00 each. Basically I lost $1.78 because they wouldn't give me the third one free like the sign said.

Yup, I'm no longer going to shop at Office Max and rather drive the 1/4 mile more to Office Depot or Staples. Oh, I know, people will say, "Oh sure, you'll be back in a few days." Pft, no. I've been ripped off three times from Office Max (see first post about the desk in December), this time with the desk breaking and finally the cost of the dry erase markers. Why should I lose out on money because of them? Thanks, but no thanks. I rather shop some place that will not sell defective crap.

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