tempestteapot (tempestteapot) wrote in bad_service,

They are #1 on my speed-dial.

There once was a girl.
She got a credit card.
She had a husband.
She got a divorce.
Financial woes of epic proportions.
She shakes off the dust and begins to rebuild her life.
She beats back the financial woes with a really small but determined stick.
Her prince shows up...late. *grin*

January 2006 I paid off my credit card. The card that was severely woed. The card they suspended because woe is only allowed to go so far. I danced. I cried. I rejoiced. I asked for them to unsuspend the account now that I'd paid my dues..and then some.

They said no.


Yes you paid your account off. Yes you paid epic amounts of finance charges AND the yearly 'account fee'. But your credit rating stinks.

We don't trust you.

:-P (seriously, that's all I could think to say)

work and work and work and work and work.

Account is at 0. I had paid ANOTHER yearly fee (I think it's is called prostitution at this point...I give em money and they're screwing me)

October 13. I called the company. Please may I have my account open?
They say 'Soiently' (think 3 stooges) just fax us this letter begging us on your hands and knees and wait 2 weeks, we'll send you a letter.

I fax.

I wait. andwaitandwaitandwaitandwait no letter

I called and tell them about my fax and my pleadings and all and all. They look in the account and say they didn't see anything of the sort. Please refax and we'll send a letter in two weeks. *steam*

I resend fax. andwaitandwaitandwaitandwait no letter

I call up. They tell me there's nothing of the sort on the account and 'I'm sorry this account is on restriction blahblahblah.'

I ask for a supervisor. They tell me there's nothing of the sort on the account and 'I'm sorry this account is on restriction blahblahblah.' (sorry this part of the tale becomes very repetitive)

Round and round the mulberry bush we go. Till someone FINALLY looks at the pretty screen in front of their face. *ping* Hey look you sent a fax on Oct 13. Give us two weeks and we'll send you a letter.

andwaitandwaitandwaitandwait fuck this.

I called and demanded the highest ranking person there (nicely cause you know I've worked in a call center and the oompa loompas on the phone don't know anything)

Finally get someone with brains AND the ability to do something. Yay! Cheers and cofettti. She takes the hated 'restricted' off my account. Yay!
I ask to be issued a new bit of shiny plastic for USE of this card. She says SURE. 4 days to make and 2 weeks to mail.

3 weeks later. No card. (I gave them extra time, cause you know I'm nice)

I called up. They didn't see that I'd been issued a card. *ugh* But were nice enough to send the order now. (give us 2 weeks and 4 days)

I wait. No card. *frustrated*

rinse lather repeat 4 times. Yes FOUR times.

Ok I have the jumping jeebies by now. I work with fraud all damn day long. I have SIX credit cards floating in the mail somewhere. NOT HAPPY.

I call. I'm firm but VERY insistent on talking to the high-poobah. I explain to the poor hapless phone girl that I've been on this merry-go-round for over 25 days and requested 6 cards. None have gotten to me.

She hands the phone over like it's red hot. I get a gentleman on the phone. His first words after I explained the situation AGAIN ..'Thank you for not yelling at me'

He said he'd set everything to right and RUSH deliver me a card. Only 1 week wait AND he'd waive the fee.

A Week passes (AND a rush fee was added to my account) No card.

I call up again. THIS woman FINALLY sees all my requests. 'Wow you HAVE been having a hard time' Says that most of the other requests were cancelled because my account was STILL on restricted. (At least that mystery is solved) She removes the rush fee from my account. Yay. And says that she'll send me out another. Rush, no fee. She appears to have it together. So I'm happy.

A week goes by. No card. *steam*

I called again. I stated that I've been trying to get a card for my account for 80 DAYS now. The rep on the phone was sufficiently cowed. I ask for a card to be sent RIGHT NOW! (yes I had a BIT of a tantrum)

I get the card in the mail. It's the WRONG NAME! (see the bit about the divorce above)

I had CHANGED the name on the account THREE YEARS AGO. And to make matters worse my name was CORRECT on the envelopes it came in! The CARD itself was printed wrong.

I go check my po box. There's two MORE cards there. ALL WITH THE WRONG NAME. Jeezus johny-jumpups!

I call them. I explain in as NICE of tones as I could muster (a challenge) that I've been trying to get a card for my account for almost 90 days now. AND NOW THE NAME REVERTED BACK THREE YEARS!

The lady was apologetic and next day delivered my card. NO rush fee.

It arrived. It had the right name on it. It was shiny and new. I was so happy I didn't have to call them again.

They'd charged me a rush fee.

Oh good god.

So I called them again. They're #1 on my speed dial if your curious. Of course nice as pie they took the fee off again.

I went to use my card. I wanted to test this sucker. I was wondering if it was going to turn to ash when I slid it through the machine.

Nope worked perfect.


The next day I tried it again...I'm just a tad jumpy at this point.


I called again. Because of all the card requests they suspected something weird was going on and cancelled them all. *headdesk* I told the lady I was leaving for vacation on Wednesday. It better be here before then (it was Saturday) She said ok.

The card arrived as promised.

Then I looked at it.

There was no sticker on the face. I called them up. I didn't need to activate it. They sent a LIVE card through the mail! *wince*

But the good thing is. I have a card. It has MY name on it. And most importantly...the fucker hasn't ruined me for life. He just made several years difficult.

I win! So...what's in your wallet?
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