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Not exactly bad service, but definitely WtF?

I have an awesome doctor, who's been my primary physician for ten years now. His staff ladies are generally awesome, but every so often a newbie, while pleasant enough, seems vaguely underqualified for the job. She took my vitals and history as expected-- except that she asked me to spell the medications for which I wanted refills. WTF?? I don't have a mutant gene or a rare disease. Plus, I thought that she should have had all this information available to her while she was training. This did not inspire confidence in me, but I didn't really think about it until she took my BP and got a reading of 170 over 80. My doctor took it a few minutes later and got a lower reading. He even mentioned that the high numbers were a result of my anxiety over seeing this person for the first time. I'm wondering whether I should ask in the future for the highly competent office manager, who does vitals when the assistants are not around. I didn' t feel endangered, just hesitant to work with her.
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