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Yay college.

Bad service is registering for college classes, signing up for an evening class that starts at 8pm, and for some reason being put instead in a day class that starts at 8am.

Bad service is also when you're told, by both the college website and by people who work there, that any class that starts at 5pm or after is an evening class, meaning it didn't start meeting until the second week of school, and then finding out that it seems if the class starts at 5pm exactly it counts as a day class, so you missed the first two classes because you were told it was an evening one. At least others had the same problem too, so I wasn't the only idiot.

I kinda wanna kill someone right now. Is there some kind of rule that to run things at a college you have to mess up all the freaking time? Cause this is the third school I've had issues like this at. Man do I love college.

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