mildlydisturbed (mildlydisturbed) wrote in bad_service,

Bad service with the great satan

So, a brand spanking new Wal*Mart has opened near me.  I don't actually hold rabid anti-Wal*Mart views, but their service is starting to convince me perhaps I should.

In general, were I not given a Wal*Mart Wii card for Christmas, chances are I would not be in the store in the first place, but here goes the story of the past week.

Saturday the 20th, the new brand spanking cool Wallyworld opens and I wander over with my roommates and some friends just to see the place.  Mostly I was interested in seeing the place as it used to be a mall I went to when I was a kid and Wal*Mart bought it, pulled it down and put up a new store.  Not exactly a great loss losing that mall, but was something I wanted to see.

Got there,  the shelves were still not completely stocked, one of the entrances that should have been open was not, the place was packed, and the lines were pretty long  They didn't have my Wii so I couldn't rid myself of the Wal*Mart.  Ah well, nothing wrong servicewise this trip.

Came back a few days later and they had one Nintendo DS in (which is something I've been looking for) , after 20 minutes of searching they could not locate a manager or anyone with a key to the case where the DS was (and every video game), so I left to return the next morning when I was told a manger would be there.  No manager, no DS.  *sigh*  Problems happen, no biggie but was annoying me.

Tonight was with a couple of friends who wanted a small cake for some reason unknown to me, we decided to go to that Wal*Mart as it's right down the street and I need to use this Wii card.  They had no DS, nor Wii, I didn't really expect them to as I know what the shipping issues are at the moment.  No hate there, but we got the items they wanted and we got in the few items line as all the others were backed way up.  We nearly got to the front and then the line stopped.  The cashier had run out of change and the guy in front was paying with cash and my guess is we waited nearly 15 minutes before leaving as none of the lines appeared to be moving.  On the way out I noticed they had 2 out of 7 lanes completely stopped and about 35 people waiting in line to get out.

During all this time I had in the checkout line I also got to notice the flags they hung up were were completely creased and looked royally tacky.

So, when I've been there and want something they can't locate a manager to open the case, when I'm there and have something they can't get a manger there to provide change to get a checkout up.

Soon as I can spent my Wii card there I do not think I'm heading back... you'd think the great satan would be able to get its act together
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