Jeannie (jaygrl) wrote in bad_service,

Before you read this, think of this: When you pay a bill, like gas, phone, cable don't they let you know what you paid last and a declining balance?

RE: Jeannie X
In answer to this second complaint made by Mrs. X
Mr. X's account was turned over to us for collection on August of 1993 when they refused to pay our client X.

Since December 30, 1999 there was no more interest added to the account and there has not been any added to this date. They have been delinquent on their payments in the past for whatever reason. Each time they pay it is with a check. But yet they insist on a receipt from us which we have ALWAYS returned to them except for this last time when they had omitted giving me their apartment number and the receipt which was mailed to them was returned to me from the post office stating it was an insufficient address. As I stated in my last letter, Mr.X then called me with the apartment number, i have no complaint with Mr. X. He was very pleasant to deal with. This complaint is from his wife and it is not even her bill.

When she refused to make the payment because she had received no receipt from us I then informed her that we are a collection agency and that her husband's employment had been verified (months and months ago) at Debold Inc. I informed her that if she would stop making payments we would have no recourse but to garnish his wages. Telling our debtor we will garnish is no threat. It is what we do when people don't pay their bills. We know where our debtors work when we first get the accounts for collection and we do verify that which is what I did with Mr. X's place of employment as we do on all of our accounts.

Again this is not her bill. We give her the courtesy of sending receipts when they make payments even though they pay by check and have a receipt of their payment.
I would hope this would take care of this matter for 1 am having no problem with her husband who's name the account is in.

Does this woman work or does she sit around and write letters to you. We are doing our job. It is not our job to write and write to the Better Business Bureau over a complaint that is not harassing or threating. They have known for a long time that if they did not pay they would be garnished at his employment. Maybe that's why they chose to pay.

I would hope this matter is resolved,
James Shelton Owner/President

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