kaycee (ballroom) wrote in bad_service,

NO PARKING, even though we said you could.

this doesn't seem like the epitome of "customer service" to me, but I guess it is.

this has to deal with my local public parking division. their job is to help people park/charge ridiculous amounts for it at local events, so.

Thursday night I attended a John Mayer concert. I'm part of his fan club, so I was thrilled when they invited me to sound check. the emailed stated that I needed to be there at 3:30 for sound check. the actual concert doors weren't opened until 6:30.

I arrive at the venue, and of course, there are no parking attendants taking money or parking people that early. I come to a huge lot, & I see two parking employees [in the business truck, outifts & all] putting up road cones and "$10 parking" signs. I stop my car, roll down my window, and ask one of the employees if I could park..

me: excuse me sir, can I park here?
him: what are you here for?
me: John Mayer concert
him: already? are you working back stage or something?
me: no, I'm in his fan club, and I'm here for the sound check at 3:30
him: well this lot is usually by reservation only... *silent for a minute or two* go ahead & park, it'll be ok
me: thanks!

so I park, go to the sound check, come back out to wait for the concert to begin, and I see a bright green envelope on my windshield. just what surprise lies within the envelope? A PARKING TICKET.

by this time, the parking people [or whatever they're called] are in place for the general public to start arriving. I go up to the nearest lady, and explain my story to her. I described the guy who said I could park. her AND another employee (the other guy that was in the damn truck of the dude who said I could park!) both said "ohh yeah we know exactly who you're talking about! yes, he does work for us."

she calls their supervisor down to come talk to me. I explain it to him, and while he wasn't being too rude, he basically said "sorry, we can't help you. take it up with the city."

WTF! so basically, one of THEIR employees told me I could park - no strings attatched - and then they give me a ticket. what's more, I then had to pay $10 fucking dollars to move my car 15 FEET AWAY just to make certain that they wouldn't tow it.

my mother spoke to a friend of the family who works for the city, & he said there'd be little reason or chance of winning if I fought it. I agree, but I hate the fact that they did something so shitty to me, and I've just gotta say nothing & pay for it.

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