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Goddamn useless taxi service

That's twice that we've had goddamn awful taxi service from Unicity taxi in Winnipeg. Complaint time!!!

So, about two weeks ago we called Unicity taxi to pick us up (us being my boyfirend and I) from my boyfriend's bank. Twenty-five minutes later we're still waiting so Jer called back. Well, the woman on the end of the phoneline just said that they were really busy and they'd get to us when they could. She seemed kinda snippy and I'm not sure but I think what pissed Jer off the most was that when we had called they had answered quickly, and this usually means they'll get to us quick. She even said that they'd had several calls after us that were in the same area.

A total of 45 minutes after we called the first time we got pissed off and went for dinner instead.

So we called the cab company at 7 minutes to 3. Jer checked cause we usually do and we remembered the last time. Anyway, twenty-five minutes later Jer calls back again cause there's no sign of the cab. The woman on the end of the line said that she'd send out another cab...ok so that's the second one for us. Another twenty minutes later, NEITHER of the cabs have turned up so we call back AGAIN. The woman on the line basically tried to override everything my boyfriend was saying by saying "What NAME?" over and over again when he tried to explain what was going on. We gave the name and she said (very snippily apparently) that they'd sent two cabs but they'd send another. So we've now been waiting 45 minutes and there are supposedly three cabs coming to the store we are waiting inside (watching out the windows so we can see any cab that turns up).

Fifteen minutes later there was still no cab and we'd been waiting for a full hour. We just ended up walking to the bus stop.

Oh, and yes I know we could have done that before but actually it's -37 with the wind chill at the moment and even the 5 minute walk to the bus stop is enough to get frostbite. In the end we just got SO pissed off with it that we had to leave.

Jer's intending to call them to complain soon once he's calmed down enough cause we are both REALLY pissed off about this.

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