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So last night I went to the gorcery store to get some coke. They had two lines open and things were getting backed up, so they opned a third line. They flagged the guy in front of me over, and a couple seconds later i followed. He pays i have my coke on the belt, and cash out ready to pay. Some lady, the floral manager i presume squeezes in where the cashier is standing and starts talking to him. I am in a bit of a hurry, but i dont say anything. Then she has has him key in a couple items, and i start thinking okay, WTF maybe its just a price check. She then announces to the guy behind me that his total is sixty some odd dollars. Me and the guy behind me exchange confused glances, and i give the floral lady a dirty look. She then tells me that he had been waiting in floral for a long time and that the lane was opened for him. I just stood there is disbelief. My question is if the lane was opened just for him why the did cashier turn is light on and flag people over. Why could she have not just rung him up in floral. It would have taken seconds to ring me up. I had one tiem, and exact change ready to pay. Instead i have to wait 5 minutes while they went through the entire process. I'm temted to call the store and talk to the manager. I guess since he was spending more he gets special treatment.

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