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you have to be psychic to shop here

Bit of a backstory - my younger brother lost his job on Halloween. New management took over the apartment complex he worked for and the woman in charge was an ex-friend of my mom’s. She came up with a bogus reason to fire him, then denied his claim for unemployment. Which means he hasn’t had any income since then, and with a wife and two kids to support, his savings went pretty fast. Anyway, he got hired at a warehouse on Friday and starts his new job Monday.
Since most of his extra cash has gone to buy stuff for the kids, he hasn’t gotten anything for himself. He’s been using his wife’s shampoo, ‘girly’ scented shaving gel, her razors, etc. (most of which came from my mom). So I decided to be the good big sis today and do some shopping for him. (backstory part 2 - I got a Visa gift card as a thank you gift and decided to spend it on him).
We went to Dollar Tree, which is the most wonderful store in the world if you need a buttload of stuff and don’t have much money. I loaded the cart up with all sorts of personal hygiene stuff, sandwich bags, snacks, an insulated mug - all the stuff he would need to take his lunch to work and make it there not smelling like a lavender field.
Now, I’ve shopped at this particular Dollar Tree store for the past 2 years since it opened. I’ve used my personal Visa card there on several occasions, along with my mom’s MasterCard. I put all my stuff on the belt and get out the card while the girl rings everything up. The total came to $30 and some change. She asks if I’m using debit or credit and I tell her credit. I slide the card through and the thing says it’s processing. A minute passes and it still says “processing”. Another minute, still processing. Finally after a few more minutes, the girl cancels it and tells me to slide the card again. Same result. The third time she tells me the slide the card, and I’m about to put it into the card reader and she asks me what kind of card it it. I tell her it’s a Visa gift card, thinking maybe it’s not going through because it’s not a “real” Visa, when she looks at me and says, “oh, sorry about that. We’re only taking Discover cards right now.” Seems they lost their contract or whatever with MC and Visa at the end of last year. I then ask her why she didn’t tell me this when she asked if I was using credit or debit or why there wasn’t a sign on the door stating that (ya know, like maybe under the sign that lists the credit cards they accept??). She shrugged and said, and I quote, “Everybody else knows.”
Needless to say, I went to Walmart and did my shopping for a lot more money.
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