Lysdexic (high_watermark) wrote in bad_service,

Bad bad bad!

I'm still shaking my head over this one. I work at a medical and dental insurance company. We are not Manulife, Sun Life, Great West Life or any of the other huge companies out there. One of our "procedures" when we get claims for a member whose spouse is also insured with us: we "coordinate benefits" in that we pay the balance of what one plan didn't pay into their spouse's plan. I handle claims for a group in North Bay Ontario and I really love the clients as they are typically very nice and helpful whenever I need more information or anything.

One client goes to this dental office and his wife is also insured with us. In order to coordinate benefits, we require both members' signatures, as their signature is really consent to open their files. The dental office continually sends us his and his family's claims with only one signature. I've let it slide many times but we have to start enforcing this procedure if only one signature is present after a while.

I came up with a solution for the dental office: Give the claim form to the member so that when he goes home, his wife can sign the form and they can send it off in their courier at work. I call the dental office and the woman who answered the call immediately started flipping out on me. She says "We find it ODD that you ask for this but no other insurance company does". Point taken. But then she repeats this like she's on autopilot several times. I tried to interject so I could propose a solution but she raised her voice "WE FIND IT ODD BLAH BLAH SLDKJFSKLDJFIOEWJFOEJFSOEJF" not letting me get a word in. She was yelling at me over the phone because other insurance companies don't ask for two signatures. I can understand that, it is a pain, but I'm So while she was frothing at the mouth I just said "THANK YOU" and slammed the phone down. I was going to let it slide, like I said but this woman just blew it.

I really hope she doesn't talk to their customers like that! I think she thought that since I was just an insurance rep and not a customer that she could yell at me to her liking.

I had to call the member's spouse and let her know that instead of letting it slide this last time like I was going to, I'd be sending her the form to sign so I could pay the rest to the dental office. The spouse was WONDERFUL. I let her know that normally this wouldn't be an issue but the dental office was being difficult. She actually apologized for them, and I told her thanks, but not her fault! :) We discussed her signing a form in advance and giving it to her husband and that was fine with her.

Blehhh I just wanted to cut to the chase with the dental office and make things go smoother but NO! I think I need a hug.

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