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Co-workers Giving Bad Service

Since many of you are working, do you ever have any co-workers who gave bad service to customers?

Well, I have a former co-worker who did just that. Another co-worker told me this story after I read a service recovery report in a binder. (I am working at an A&W as a supervisor, but I am quitting soon.)

This former co-worker of mine, who was working in the graveyard shift, was dealing with this customer who wanted Chubby Chicken. Because there was no chicken cooked and ready to serve at the time, he told him that it will be 15 minutes. Well, that doesn't seem to sit well with said customer.

I don't know what happened next, but said co-worker did the unthinkable. He hollered, "You want chicken? FUCK OFF ASSHOLE!!"

The next day, the customer phoned the A&W to complain about the service. He told my manager how he was being treated at the drive-thru and that the co-worker actually called him an Asshole. For all that, he demanded the manager to give him a free bucket of chicken.

Yep, the guy was being rude and swore at the customer, which are HUGE no-nos. The guy eventually did get his free chicken and the manager fired said co-worker after a few more shifts. (I was glad though because I don't like him.)


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