Brigid (shadefell) wrote in bad_service,

Dear Avenue...

This isn't really a bad service complaint, as I've had nothing but good service from the fine, talented, more-than-competent and helpful women who work at Avenue.

But damn, why can't that store keep petite pants in stock?

I'm 5'2" and "average" length pants hang off me. The last time I bought "average" length pants I had 6 inches (that's half a foot) trimmed off them BEFORE they were even hemmed.

I can't go to a "petite" store to buy pants, either, because petite stores/departments assume that you're not just short, you're thin as well. Meanwhile, it seems that fat stores assume that you're not just fat, you are also at least six feet tall.

I was browsing Avenue's selection of pants (please, no sweat pants or leggings, for the love of GOD) and it was all average, average, tall, tall, tall, tall, average, tall, tall, tall, average... no petite pants! I found NO petite pants AT ALL in the entire store.

I asked one of the sales ladies and she said that they sell out of petite pants immediatly, and they get a lot of complaints from short women who can't find pants to buy.

Well. Obviously there's a market for these sized pants that is not being served. Meanwhile, the sales racks are crowded with tall sized pants. CROWDED.


I'm tired of looking like I'm wearing a sack.

Even if I buy normal-sized pants and hem them, the proportions are still off.

PLEASE, Avenue, keep petite pants in stock. PLEASE. I'd just order them online, but frankly, Avenue's sizing is off. Sometimes I'm a size 22. Sometimes that's strainingly tight on me. Sometimes it's far too large. This seems to vary seasonally, with winter pants being larger than summer pants for whatever reason. Anyway, I NEED to try pants on before purchasing them, which I can't do online.

"We get complaints almost every day that there's no petite pants."

Gee. Maybe you should do something about stopping those complaints then?


I wound up buying two pair of capri pants. Short pants touch my feet, ok?
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