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Bad Restaurant Service

Earlier this week some friends and I were on a road trip and on Saturday night, we ended up in Albury, on the NSW/Victoria border of Australia. It's a country town, but it's quite large and has some nightlife/eating late facilities.

We got in quite late and after we'd organised our hotel and hauled our luggage up to our room we went out to see if we could eat somewhere. The time was 9:45pm.

We went to a Chinese Restaurant. The sign said "OPEN" and the closure time on the door said 11pm. So we go in.

"I'm sorry, we're closed."

"... Okay... sorry to bother you, but your door says you're open, your sign says you don't close 'til eleven tonight..."

"... Yeah, we're closed though. Sorry."

One wonders why they're clearly open when they say they're shut. But oh well.

So we go to a Thai restaurant. The door says "OPEN", the opening hours proclaim they don't shut on a Saturday night until 11:30 pm. We go in.

"Oh, I'm sorry, we're closed!"

... what the hell? Is it too much to ask that a place be open when they say they are? If these places want to close whenever they feel like it, they should specify "'til late" or whatnot, not a specific closure time and then close up to nearly two hours early. Honestly.
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