Creami Cannoli (creamicannoli) wrote in bad_service,
Creami Cannoli

Just a rant about the damn barber

I took my son into a lady barber today. He and my husband both received hair cuts. It was my son's first haircut (he is 2) and he was a bit scared. But he sat on my lap and let her cut his hair with the scissors and he was really good.

The hair cut looked like SHIT. She left long chunks in the back and it just looked horrible. He wouldnt let the clippers near his head, so I wasn't expecting a clean looking cut. But I wasn't expecting this either. I could have done it myself, with no beauty school or barber school experience.

The part that pissed me off the most was that she charged us $17.00 for my son's "hair cut."

I had to finish it when we got home and trim the long chunks so they blended in. I am pissed and ready to put a stop payment on that check. I am not going to do it, but I will definately not be going back to her again.
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