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realtor bad service

So my parents are selling the house and therefore we have periodic showings. We had a showing today from 4:30-5:30 and in that time my iPod was stolen. I had it last night and it only goes in one spot in my house. It was there when I left at 4 and it wasn't there when I got home at 6. I locked the door on my way out and had to unlock it to get in. The only people with access to the house were the family seeing the house.

I called the realtor who showed the house and politely asked if there might have been kids who were a little curious. She immediately got all defensive saying it was a baby and a 9 yr old who would never steal anything. Oh and grandparents who wouldn't know what to do with an iPod, supposedly. Basically though she's not gonna do anything about it which to me is bad service.

People may ask why I didn't take it with me. We've had many many showings before this and I've never had an issue. Am I supposed to take all my movies and books with me too? And my laptop? My dad says we'll give it a couple of days and then file an insurance claim. I want to file a police report but he's against it for some reason. It can be replaced but it was mine and I haven't actually had anything stolen before. Does anybody have any other suggestions?

ETA: Okay, so most people are blaming me. That's fine. I admit I made a mistake leaving it out. I guess I've been lucky all this time since we've been showing the house since August and I've never had issues. My main problem was with the realtor, who refused to even discreetly bring it up to the family who saw the house. I strongly suspect it was the child and even just mentioning to the family to keep an eye out for it, would've satisfied me.
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