Britt (xathenex) wrote in bad_service,

Ok, it seems to me that ever since Bank One turned into Chase, it has started to suck. I used to love my bank, I'd always recomend it to people who were looking to switch. Now I'd really like to switch, but I'm poor and I have a joint account with my mom who sometimes puts money in it.

This summer I lost my debit card. Well I thought I did, anyway. I called and canceled it, and I got this lady who repeatedly tried to get me to sign up for this credit card. After declining and mentioning I just wanted a replacement debit card several times she said "Well I can send you the credit card, and if you really don't want it you can just not activate it." Fine. Whatever. Just send me my debit card. A week later I get an envelope...inside is a shinny new Chase card with the words CREDIT CARD real large on the front. However, no debit card to be found. A few weeks later, still no debit card, I called back and explained the issue. This person apologized and said they'd have a card mailed out right away. Around this same time I ordered some checks from thier web page which I was promptly charged $30 for. Weeks go checks, no debit card. It took me going into the local Chase branch and getting nasty with someone to finally get my stuff.

Other complaints, I have overdraft protection on my checking account (so it takes money out of my savings when I overdraw) that comes with a $7 fee. $7 is a hell of a lot better then $40 overdraft fee so I'm not complaining about that. I accidently overdrew a while ago due to me being poor and I knew I had written some checks that were soon to be cashed, so I transfered in $100 from my savings. I got to the "Success!" page on the website so I know I did it right. However a few days later my mom calls to tell me I'm in the red again. I was like "WTF? How did I spend $120 in two days??" Well turns out my transfer for some random ass reason never made it in and I got charged another $7. I was gonna pitch a fit, but it slipped my mind and $7 isn't really a huge deal...I would have probably just wasted it on beer or something anyway.

Currently they have gotten into the habit of charging me for random ass things. I had some weird $50 charge that I could not place for the life of me. It was some bank fee charge for something that never happened. I called em up, and it didn't take long to get it sorted out and taken off. Few days later I saw I'd been charged twice for the same resteraunt visit. My first initial reaction was to call the resteraunt who verified that they had only run my card once. The manager also mentioned that this had been happening a lot lately with one particular bank, couldn't remember the name but it started with a 'C'. Hmmm, I wonder. Again it didn't take long for them to own up to thier mistake (I doubt I went to the resteraunt twice in the same day and charged exactly $32.85) and refunded my account.

Lastly, I just recently went and returned about $100 worth of textbooks to my university store. I was only keeping them until the cheaper versions I bought online arrived. :) The sales girl said the refund should post immediently, and my mom also verified this (I really needed that $100...). Well cut to nearly a week later, still no sign of that $100. I went to the bookstore today to verify that they did the refund correctly...which they did.

Everything (other then the final point..) has been resovled for which I'm grateful. But I'd be even more grateful if they'd just stop screwing up in the first place.

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