the girl in the afternoon (hornmafia) wrote in bad_service,
the girl in the afternoon

hi, i'm new.

scene: village inn, 8:11 PM. Enter ME. I request table for two, and sit down to wait for my friend to join me. waiter comes up. we exchange plesantries (he actually looked rather surprised to hear "fine. and yourself?" as a repsonce to "how are you?") anyway, he asks about drinks, i order coffee. he asks if i want food too, i tell him i'll wait until the other person gets there. the coffee arrives promptly. at 8:30, i call my friend to see what the deal is. Turns out he'd locked his keys in his car. smooth move. next time the waiter comes by, i explain the situation, and apologize for it taking so long. he remains plesant. finally my companion arrives, and sits down. the waiter is there within a minute (again, good things!) and takes my friend's order. i start telling him what i want, and he leaves. before i'd even gotten a word out. ...ook, this was odd. but no biggie. suddenly superattentive waiter turns into invisble waiter. i can't get him over to our table to order. he's all around the rest of the section, but apparently our table has gained an anti-waiter force field. he comes up, drops my friend's chicken strips on the table, and leaves, again, before i can say anything. eventually i manage to get someone else to take my order for pie.

it was really frusterating and weird. for the hour i was sitting and waiting, he was super attentive and nice. but as soon as my friend got there, it was horrid. and i don't think it was anything my friend did...but yeah. it's a mystery.
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