Blank (therosewilde) wrote in bad_service,

I live in a rented house. A couple of lights have blown, and they are ones with fitted covers - not something I can get down and back on myself, need the maintainance man to do it.

So my housemate called them.

They call me back, and say they can't get hold of my housemate on the phone. I explain that i'm at the other end of the country visiting a friend, and have no way to contact the housemate except on the phone, same as them, and that I will be home by Friday. I suggested they try the landline number.

They ask me to make him get in contact. I tell them that I *can't* make him switch his phone on - i'm at the other end of the country.

They call back the next day "Why doesn't he have his phone on? We can't contact him. Tell him to turn his phone on."

I repeat that I am many, many miles away, and can't make him do anything. The woman asks me to confirm his number, I explain I can't do that while on the phone to her, since it's in my telephone address book and I don't have it memorised. She starts reading out "We have number blah-blah-blah" and I repeat "I don't know his number, and I can't look it up while i'm on the phone. "Well, we just need you to check this is the right number, it's blah-blah-blah."

TODAY they called again. Today is Thursday. I am, quelle surprise, still nowhere near my house. Apparently they still can't get hold of my housemate - he goes to his boyfriend's Wednesday night, so this is no surprise. And once more, they want me to confirm his number, which I can't (Yes, I could have looked it up in between, but I assumed they wouldn't call back until Friday.) and to ask me to tell him to switch his phone on.

Yes, it's annoying that he doesn't have his phone on. But they have a landline they can contact him on, and they have his E-Mail address. And they could have got permission from me for what they needed *anyway* (which today they finally did) and stopped all the fuss!
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