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LOTS of crappy service and frustrations

It's been a month to deal with service issues.

The biggie:

Last year, all was well. Installed it, it ran, my browsing was speedy, I was happy to renew service for another year. Problem! Bought new laptop, had to swap over programs. Suddenly my browsing is at a crawl again. I resolve to call my ISP and get it fixed.
First number: Changed, no forwarding info given.
Second number: Get tech guy in India. Call is disconnected. I try to call back, get a fast busy signal for over 24 hours.
Online: go to ISP website. Attempt to download the necessary program myself. File is corrupt.
Online: try again, it takes hours, opens, requires a code and key. I have neither, after a year.
Email: I email support. It bounces. Twice.
Third number: I find my bill. Parent company to my ISP has two numbers. First one is changed to a new number. Info given.
Fourth number: Get tech support in India again. Recommends that I delete all my internet programs off the computer. I do so. Luckily, I still have my old computer, because I am hung up on.
Fifth number: I call sales, figuring a human will be quick to answer there. I am right. I explain my problem. I get no help. I am connected to tech support in India.
Sixth number: we get the basic dialer working again, which isn't a huge feat of skill. Still no acceleration as paid for. I am directed to download the files again.
Online: Hours later, the files are re-re-re-dowloaded and installed. It wants a code and key. This seems familiar. I am told to call back when the program is ready to install.
Sixth number: Fast busy signal. For 12 hours.
Seventh number: Closed for the day (despite note on bill promising 24/7 support).
Eighth number: This time MY phone cuts out, so I can't rail about them hanging up on ME. Still aggravating.
Ninth number: Tech support in India. Nice and helpful, but I have to spell everything six times. They are baffled by my problem and have no record of my earlier calls. They suggest removing all internet software and...
Online: Temporarily giving up, as I have a school project due in days, I sign up for the trial EVEN THOUGH I AM ALREADY PAYING TO HAVE THIS SERVICE just so I can do my homework.

The aggravating thing is that the service worked beautifully last year. I had only two busy signals and connected on the second try. It rarely disconnected me while I was online. No hidden fees. This year, they don't want to know me and all I want is for my service, which I am paying for, to frickin' WORK.

More minor suckiness, some to do with service personnel behind the scenes screwing up (e.g., dispatchers) and some with direct suckiness:

Sunday night, got sick from delivery Chinese food. Not only was it overpriced and undersized ($35 for appetizer sampler supposedly sufficient to feed two people and a dinner entree which also was supposed to feed two...and that's all), it made me ill. Hoorah! That was the other big news. Missed my radio show, which I don't do unless I am deathly ill. Being nauseated counts. I'm glad I didn't actually throw up, though I might have felt better if I did. Memo To Self: ordering seafood-based food items from an unknown Chinese restaurant is not smart. My fave place closed up unexpectedly, which is a bummer because they were reasonably priced and had huge portions. I needn't add that I never got sick off their food.

Mom got me the newspaper for Xmas (not that I wanted it, because it inflicts bad grammar, spelling and a redneck-y, biased, Southern Baptist, Republican, warhawk agenda on me every time I read it) and it hasn't arrived YET. Several weeks and several phone calls later, no paper. But I get advertising circulars, Jehovah's Witness pamphlets, Pennysavers and other crap dumped ON MY LAWN or stuffed into my door nearly every day. I didn't even want the stupid thing in the first place, but figured I could use it to line my animal's cage after I read the comics and op-ed page.

Still haven't gotten new washer hooked up. Delivery service arrived, refused to work with 1940s-era plumbing. Plumber arrived, ditto. Suggested handyman. I call local handymen. Get prices. Pick one. Get snarky with mom (who also bought me a new washer for Xmas) on phone when I got several estimates for handymen and she deemed them too expensive. She wants me to go to a neighbor I have never spoken to before and have him look at the connection for free because he has experience in construction. We don't keep the same hours, and construction skills do not necessarily mean he's going to be able to decipher what my granddad did to the plumbing here. Also, are we going to pay HIM for his time? I suspect not.

Got a DVD of Pulp videos and they were set for region 2 and not region 1 and none of my three DVD players could parse it. One is supposed to be all-region (BAD ELECTRONICS VENDOR SERVICE) and isn't. Furthermore, it's apparently rare. Couldn't find any other copies anywhere, much less a region 1 copy. Checked online again to see if it was me being stupid, but it didn't mention restricted region coding for the product. Not happy about that at all. Will have to pay a chipper / cracker to make one of my DVDs region-free or return the product, which means I have to figure out how to go to classes AND run to the other side of town to go to the post office. We only have ONE BRANCH here.

The exterminator came out several hours early and unprepared to trap furry beasties in the house, though that was the specific reason we called the company, so I was in my robe, pre-shower, and I had to rearrange plans to be here so he could set the traps properly. He then proceeded to lay bait near my pet's housing area, which happens to be a ferret. Not a rodent, but close enough.

Garbage men have started flinging the rubbish bin to different parts of the yard for no apparent reason. I know it's them and not a neighbor or an animal, because I hear them when they arrive at 5 AM and the bin hits the wall behind my head when I'm in bed sleeping. Well, it feels like 5 AM. It's probably 8 AM sometimes. They're still loud, and the bin is still in a different place each week, meaning I have to play Find The Trash every time.

90% of my mail arrives with one end of the envelope pried open as if someone has looked to see if there is money or a live credit card inside. What the hell? It's always on the same side. Is someone checking for money or anthrax?

Bell South called me with an automated message at 6 AM on a Sunday to ask if I'd received my phonebooks yet. As it happens, I did. They were placed in a large puddle in the yard. Fortunately they weren't soaked through-and-through because they come in a big plastic bag. Who in their right mind calls a customer at 6 AM on a weekend?! I hate them.

I got a parking ticket with five minutes left on the meter and tried to pay it online the same day and it wasn't in the system. They give you five days to pay before charging an additional twelve dollars. It was finally online this morning. I had one more day to go before being dunned the extra cash. I could have driven all the way downtown and paid more money to park and hung around in lines for an hour (which is what happened the last time I got popped for a meter running out: the meter maids are vicious, man!).

I got something other than what I ordered from two different fast food places. One, I checked the bag, but one sandwich was fine and the other had vile crud on it. The second shorted me two nuggets from a chicken nugget meal, added unappetizingly cold fries, and then charged me for something I didn't get and gave me a leaky soda cup. (I get a craving for nuggets sometimes, sue me.)

My loan company is hassling me to repay my school loans because some mental midget in the SCAD bursar's office told them I had graduated this June. Since I was in classes this June and hadn't taken a quarter off, I was surprised to hear about that. I now have to trek all over downtown and track down ten different signatures and then go to the lovely post office for stamps, as I have none here.

My health insurance went up 350% without providing a reason, so now I have to shop for a more reasonable deal.

My mobile phone service keeps crapping out and I'm less than a mile away from two cell phone towers. Suspiciously, it worked fine for four months when I moved into a new area code. Then it started crapping out. I was getting "free" calls to my former area code up to that point. Also, if I chose to upgrade my phone, I'd have to get locked into a two-year plan at current rates. No, thank you. This nonsense is aggravating.

All of this crap happened over a week and a half time period.

Service today just plain sucks. It makes me tired.

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