Mikazuki (naishinnou) wrote in bad_service,

Office Max & Bush Furniture

Ugh. I hate cheap ass furniture. Ok, to refresh your memories, I posted this back in December. And it's a private entry meaning you need to be part of this community and logged in to read it. That said....

Today, I move my desk about two or three inches. Just enough so I can stick my hand behind the desk to replug my keyboard that came loose and to check my headphones (I lost sound) and replug them in. My desk and the hubby's desk (same style) are side-by-side which makes access to my computer difficult.

At any rate, the wheels lock and were unlocked so I could move the desk forward, again only a couple of inches so I can get my hand behind the computer to replug the stuff. And when I pushed the desk back and the damn desk top snapped at where parts A (the black portion of the desk top) and C (the right side brown portion over the cd holders) join! I'm furious because I haven't had this desk for a month!

To recap. The desks were originally bought December 23rd. I put his together that same night and his went together just fine. I decide to hold off to put mine together until the next day because it took me a few hours to put his together (I was watching tv at the same time) and was tired. Next day (the 24th) I begin to put my desk together after making sure all the parts were there but 4th piece in found out the desk was defective with the holes in two pieces drilled in the wrong spots. We had to wait until the day after XMas (December 26) to return the desk to Office Max. They had none in stock, and also had to deal with that cranky woman, and so the supervisor had to order me a desk and have it shipped my house. I got the new desk that Thursday but didn't put it together until that Friday (the 29th). Today is the 24th which means I've had the desk for LESS then a month!

I call Office Max and spoke with a "manager" who said I was basically SOL and need to call Bush Furniture. I call Bush Furniture and the woman said it's my fault and they can't replace the parts for free!

"Well there's a warning inside that says not to move it while fully loaded and if it breaks then it's not covered under warranty."

BULLSHIT there is.

There ARE two warnings. One says, "This product is designed and intended for use with computer, fax, and printer equipment only. Improper loading with television or other heavy equipement could cause instability, top over, and/or serious injury." The second warning, next to the first, says, "When loaded, move unit carefully. Failure to do so could cause intability, product collapse, and/or serious injury." It does NOT say, "don't move while loaded". My desk has the following items on it - the pc tower, the (new) flat screen monitor, a flatbed scanner, a four tier letter organizer with several pieces of paper and a small lamp that weighs under one pound. That's it. Well that and two bottles of migraine medicine, a remote, keyboard, mouse and headphones.

I argued with her because this is the 2nd desk from that model that was defective or broke. So I told her, "Look, we bought TWO of these desks and the 2nd one - mine - ended up being defective and I had to return it after XMas. THIS one snapped at the metal bracket and it shouldn't have because I didn't apply a ton of weight on it AND it was moving two or three inches back to the wall. It completely snapped off and the only reason it didn't fall apart is due to the cardboard backing. I wish I could remember where I put my camera to take a picture of this but at the bracket that joins the two pieces, it just completely broke through to the top!

She relents and will be sending me a new "A" and "C" piece for free "but next time you'll have to buy the pieces."

I will NEVER but another Bush Furniture product again and I'll NEVER buy cheap ass furniture from Office Max. I'll stick to real wood desks made by professional Master Carpenters or Craftsmen.

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