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Dish Network frustrations

We've had Dish Network for well over a year now, nearly two I think, and frankly I'm sick of them.

We have two recievers - one is a dual reciever and mine is HD. My mother's tv and the hubby's computer tv are hooked up on the dual and the main tv (the big screen) is on the HD reciever. No problems what so ever with the recievers when we first got them then several months later (I'd say around August) we began having various problems with both recievers and remotes.

Let's start off with the problem with my remote. The original remote fell to the floor (hardwood) and shattered so I called and it was replaced under warranty since it shouldn't have (LITERALLY) shattered into five pieces. It wasn't throw or anything, it fell off the sofa - no more then 12 inches - and just shattered. So a new replacement remote was sent out. The replacement remote was programmed and things were fine... for a week. I replaced the batteries when I got the new remote so I know it can't be the batteries. First I used the rechargable kind and then the normal kind but neither corrected the problem. So what's the problem? Well when you press the SAT button, channels won't change, volume won't turn up or down, can't get into the menu. Nothing. It acts as if the button wasn't programmed. HOWEVER, if you press AUX it functions just fine EXCEPT for a few features that use to work with the SAT button. So I call, we go through a complete walk through and finally she says she'll send out another replacement. A week passes and I get the 2nd remote. Again, I use fresh batteries with the new remote, program it and everything works fine... FOR ANOTHER WEEK! I call Dish again and again we go through the walkthrough and finally the tech/support guy says he'll send out another remote. I get remote #3 a week later and go through the same routine but this time I use a different brand of batteries. THAT remote lasted me a month before it stopped working with the SAT button. I call again but this time it will cost me $29.95 to replace the remote! Forget it. I'll use the remote using the AUX button.

So during this time my hubby's own tv/remote was having problems including the annoying, "pay us" popup on the screen DESPITE the fact our online balance would say ZERO. Example, last week we made our monthly payment. Our current balance is ZERO, I'm looking right at the account screen right now!

Account Balance ¤0.00
Payment Due ON RECEIPT
Last Payment $180.43
Last Payment Date 01/12/07

Since Saturday his tv is getting the payment popup with Dish's phone number to call. So I call and go through their automated process to get to a representative who confirms my current bill is ZERO (this was Saturday) and she said that the message shouldn't be popping up (and it only pops up on his tv screen - never mine or my mom's and she's on the "master" tv/reciever). I tell the rep that this has been going on since around August despite the fact the bill was paid or not. Nothing she can do, so I get off the phone with her and figure, fine, it's a pain but we can live with it. We move the cable cord from his computer over to the kids tv (they typically only have the DVD player hooked up) and it's STILL giving us the message. No biggie since we just click OK and the message goes away. (And yes, we even looked in the [mail] message box to see maybe we have to turn it off there.)

Oh and before I forget, what's even MORE annoying, is that there have been MANY instances where the channels would be flipping channels by itself EVEN with the batteries out of the remotes. It's like a neighbors remote is controlling HIS channels. And it would only be on his portion of the reciever. We checked my mother's remote and it wasn't hers. We called about that and went through the whole "let's reset up the remote" crap. ::rolleyes::

Fast forward to today.

The kids tv turns on (it's on a programmer to turn on and off) and the damn message pops up AGAIN. So I get his remote to click OK to remove the message but the remote won't work! The lights go on but it won't flip channels or anything. I change out the batteries with the batteries from my remote and nope, still won't work. So I go to my mom's tv to access the menu and get into the System Setup and System Info. Originally the remotes were set up so my remote was #1, mom's was #2 and the hubby's was #3 but when I got the new remote mine was switched to #5. So the current remote addresses are mom's is #2, hubby's is #3 and mine is #5. The System Info on my tv says my remote is stll #5 and my reciever is on the other side of the house furthest away from the Dish and mom's reciever. Mom's system info says her remote is now #6 and the hubby's is #9! I didn't change the remote addresses and no one else in the house knows how to do it. It's not like you can accidently change it either since it requires you to hold the button down until all the lights light up and then pick a number, hit the pound key then the record key then the power key.

So I switch mom's remote back to #2 and the hubby's back to #3. Now NEITHER remote works! Well, let me clear that up.... Mom's remote refuses to work on that remote address while the hubby's now works on mom's! So I switch the numbers around and both remotes work again. Two minutes later the channels begin to change again and so I go back into the system info and AGAIN the remote addresses for their remotes have been changed! Ugh!

Dish Network is of no use because when I called the girl has me go through a walkthrough to reset the remotes up. (I called a half hour ago) I comply and again, a few minutes later the remote addresses change again! Right now, my remote works, my mom's remote works but not the hubby's and that stupid message keeps popping up!

I want new equipement but they're refusing so I'm probably going to canncel our service with them since we shouldn't be having to deal with this crap on a daily, weekly or even monthly basis. I'm sure my neighbors ended up with Dish and it's THEIR recievers that are interferring with ours. And let me make something clear, we've had our longer then we've had the neighbors. The neighbors moved in and several months after they moved in, we began having problems so I'm pretty sure they ended up with Dish and it's their recievers that are interferring with ours. See, mom's room (and the "master" reciever" along with the dish) are on that side of the house - near them. I know their living room is on the east side of the house and our bedrooms are on the west side so basically their living room from our bedrooms are within 50 feet. That has to be the reason but of course there is "nothing" Dish will do about it. Bleh. Back to Charter I guess. Yuk.

EDIT 1:50 PM Pacific

Well, I called Dish - again - and talked to two different reps. Well, three but let me start from the beginning.

After posting the original post I decided to call billing about the popup notice and complain about that. No, I wasn't snarky or rude, just vented my frustration and asked if there was anything they could do to fix the problem because it was very annoying. She apologized and said that if it's constantly coming up despite pressing the OK button three times then it might be the equipement so she transferred me to lasy #2. I again explained the situation starting with the payment popup then going back to around mid-2006 (around August) how channels would change on their own, told her we've already tried resetting the remotes and recievers (multiple times), replaced the remotes and gone through things step-by-step multiple times with multiple techs over the last several months. So she agreed maybe we needed a new reciever as the current one might be sharing addresses with a neighbors. That was a little over 15 minutes. Unfortunately, we lost connection and I had to hang up and call again. I get through to tech support and spend another 11 minutes explaining the situation to the 3rd woman who agrees that there is nothing else that can be done with the current reciever. So finally, after months of fighting with the reciever and remotes and some of Dish Network's "techs", I finally found two women who agree with me that there is something seriously wrong with the reciever and that it's under warranty and needs to be replaced.

So in three to five days, we will get our new reciever and I'm to return the current one back to them so we're not charged for the equipment. I wish the previous techs I talked to would have listened to me when I said that I've already gone through the process before and it still won't work correctly. Thank you to the two Dish network techs who agreed with me and are sending my new equipement out.
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