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Since I can't apologize to this woman in person, I thought I may as well just offer it up to the universe in hopes that good karma will find her...or something like that.

I am now the assistant manager of a Domino's in my fair home town.  Last week our total prick DM came in to "train me" which consisted of him screaming at people on his phone in the store office and then berating myself, my staff and anyone else he felt like berating.  It sucked.  He then ditched us right before the lunch rush to go buy a new office chair since he broke the one we had been using (he is a big ole guy). 

Here's where the bad service part and the apology come in.  A woman had made an order for six pizzas to be delivered at 11:45 for her son's birthday at his school.  Totally cool mom thing to do, right?  And since it's only six pizzas and not 100 or whatever it should have been easy right?  And since we had three drivers who also double as insiders (people who work inside the store taking orders and making pizzas and such) plus the asshat DM this should have been no problem, right?


Her order was forty five minutes late because he ditched us, one driver called in "sick" and he entire city ordered multiple pizzas to be delivered within half an hour or so of this woman's order.  Had we had the staff inside the store and the drivers necessary this could have gone smoothly but alas that was not the case.  When she called to complain, he was very angry but remarkably restrained and reasonable.  So because I was the only insider as the DM had DITCHES US, and the other driver did not show up, plus all the berating and brow beating crap we were all getting when he was here you could say I was quite stressed out.  She started telling me about how her son's birthday had been in part spoiled due to the lateness of our delivery and I kept thinking about this kid and his friends and how they all had to have lunch late etcetera.  I srrsly almost started crying.  Then the asshat DM took the phone from me and basically blew her off.  He took 50% off her price but was in no way empathetic, did not try to apologize or even acknowledge her complaint at all.  He made excuses (EVERYONE in the CITY ordered pizzas lady blah blah blah) and was a real jerk.  So nice mom lady who tried to do something really cool for her son and to the birthday boy and all his friends I apologize on behalf of Domino's in my fair city.  That totally sucks and I hope that there was something to make you son's birthday OK in spite of our screw up.  And I apologize for my asshat DM because....well he's an asshat and everyone hates him.

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