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CVS Pharmacy

This morning I called my doctor for a refill request. I later called CVS pharmacy to confirm that it was called in and to find out when I could come pick it up. I ask the pharmacist when I can expect it to be ready "We'll do it as soon as we can, ma'am." I was kind of taken aback by that because they pretty much always either ask when I'll be in to get it or tell me "It'll be ready in an hour" or something to that effect. Okay...since I'm kind of on a timeline here I ask her if she can give me a ballpark, "Will it be closer to an hour? a half hour?" And so begins the snark, she repeats the same thing that if I'm coming in now they'll do it "as soon as they can" I then explain that the reason I'm asking is because I'm going to try to get this done on my lunch break (which I only get an hour for) and if it's going to be more than an hour than I might as well leave it for after work. The pharmacist replies in a very bitchy tone "Well come take care of it on your lunch break then and if it's not ready you'll have to wait!" OH OKAY THEN. I'll just do that because you said so. "Look, can you just tell me if you think it's going to be more than an hour?" She says "If you're coming in now we'll take care of it as soon as we can" I ask her if it's going to be expedited if I come in now and she says "I don't understand what you're saying but if you come in now we'll take care of it as soon as we can." lol What the fuck? If they're basically going to take however long they want then I'm not going to waste my lunchbreak waiting for some medicine that they'll decide to have ready whenever they see fit. I don't have a problem so much with waiting but I do have a problem with the attitude I got from this chick and the fact that she couldn't give me a straight answer, the entire time she just seemed so bothered to have to answer my questions.

To be honest, I'm pretty sick of this pharmacy. Their customer service leaves something to be desired. Anytime I go there to pick up or drop off a lot of times a pharmacist will already be at the register checking something on the computer. I walk up and set my keys down and it's not set up to where they can't see or hear you, I'm literally standing right in front of them and we will both sit there in silence for like 3 minutes or however long it takes for them to finish doing whatever they're doing. Now I understand they have other shit to do and they don't have to drop everything the second I walk in but it really irks me how they won't acknowledge me at all. I'm tempted to clear my throat really loud or obnoxiously say "HELLO??" but I don't want to end up on customers_suck. But really, would it fucking kill them to say "I'll be right with you." I miss Eckerd's. :(
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