You say BITCH like it's a BAD thing... (wickedannabella) wrote in bad_service,
You say BITCH like it's a BAD thing...


Saturday night, my husband, myself and our two children (12 & 2.5) went to our local Applebee's for dinner. We waited about 15 minutes for a table and then were finally seated. On the way to the table, I noticed that the restaurant seemed in disarray...the floors in desperate need of a vaccuum.

We ordered our appetizer while we decided on an entree, our server Tyler came back and took our order about 10 minutes later. 30 minutes from ordering our appetizer, we finally flagged him down and asked him what was up. He apologized and said they were extremely short staffed and that they had two managers in the kitchen cooking. This is information that would have been nice to have upfront, I told him. We might have made a different decision. However, another 5 minutes and our appetizer (spinach artichoke dip) came. COLD. *sigh*

The only thing was, TYLER was no where to be found...and children were hungry, so we took it. Again, 15 minutes later, I flagged down Tyler again and he said he didn't know WHEN our food would come up. It was a mess. I told him, at the VERY least, we needed the toddler's hot dog. That shouldn't be too hard?

While we waited and waited, we noticed other wait staff was very attentive, bringing complimentary salads etc out and making sure everyone was full on drinks. Our waiter, was GONE! Finally, again, I asked the waitress of another table to get our server. Tyler came out again, seemingly annoyed. I asked for a manager and asked again for the hot dog. (this is an hour and 10 minutes into our wait). The manager came out, apologized and said he would get our daughter's hot dog...which to his credit he did...but we informed him that it would have been nice if we were informed up front so that we could have made a decision!

Finally Dana's hot dog comes, mildly warm, and she scarff's it down. Another 45 minutes go by and tables seated AFTER us were getting their food. This was TOTALLY unacceptable and my husband went on a hunt for Tyler. Finally, we got him to come over to the table where we voiced our displeasure with his constantly disappearing, glasses have been empty for half an hour, other tables are getting salads etc, and now their food! We were very upset with the way this was going. At this point we'd been there two hours. I told him I wanted our food within 5 minutes or we were leaving.

Magically, our food appears. COLD! I am ready to go apeshit. The manager comes over, seeing me upset and asks what's wrong. I said...feel my dinner's cold. He said he could remake our dinners, but it would be awhile. I asked for boxes, told him we would take the meals home and microwave them, but I was NOT going to pay for them. The waitress from another table came with some boxes, Tyler NEVER reappeared...and we walked out...we didn't pay for a thing. 2 hours and 20 minutes from the time we were seated until we left.

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