Siani (siani) wrote in bad_service,

Wow, but this sucked.

This is a minor thing, but it about made me cry. Well okay, not really, but still. Allow me to lead you on a little journey...

I returned my netflix. My new movie was to be shipped Tuesday. The second season of Dr. Who came out on DVD Tuesday. I was thrilled and excited. I was going to get the very first copy! I moved it to the top of my queue, and waited with bated breath for my DVDs.

I watch the first episode. Hurrah! It is great. Adventure. Sexiness. Aliens.

I start the second episode. More sexiness. More adventure. Plague ridden zombies. The plot thickens...

...when suddenly my DVD becomes "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre The Beginning (Uncut)" for the whole rest of the disc.


Apparently I am not the only one who has this problem How does this happen?? It seems like somewhere in the production process there would be a step where you would check that the DVD you are making actually contains the right movie?

Anyway, it made me sad, and now I have to wait for a replacement disc to see how Rose and The Doctor get away from the zombies. *pitiful sigh*

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ETA: I know there isn't anything Netflix could have done about this situation. I feel the bad service was on the part of the manufacturers of the DVD, who let a whole lot of DVDs go out to the public with such a huge glich on them. I wouldn't have minded so much if it had just been any old error, but the fact that it switched to scenes of extreme, brutal, and graphic torture sort of pushed it over the edge for me.
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