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Showplace Lanes

My boyfriend has a league there so we go every Sunday.
I go to watch him and lately I've been going to practice because I'll be in his team in the summer.
Anaway...I go up to the counter and one is attending someone already with a guy waiting behind him.
The other was cleaning shoes.
So, I went to his register.
He walks around the counter area and finally comes around to me and asks, "How can I help you?"
I tell him, "I would like a lane."
Then he tells, "It's like an hour and half wait."
I'm like hello...I'm still here.
He walks off then comes back to the counter area, sees me, and keeps on walking around the counter area.
I really felt like screaming but didn't bother because it's a bowling alley and he probably wouldn't hear my anyway.
He finally comes around again and asks, "How can I help you?"
I'm like, "You already asked me that question and walked off!"
He just looked at me, like, and? Can I help you or something?
He was very rude!!!!!

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