whitneymichelle (whitneythegreat) wrote in bad_service,

BITCH at greyhound.

greyhound screwed me over in november and i didn't plan on using them again, but i wanted to visit my boyfriend this weekend and they were my only option to get back up to school (since amtrak is more expensive and my employers lost my paycheck, so i had to go for cheap, but that's another fun story). i bought my tickets online saturday night for a friend and i both to ride up at 6:25 today.

we arrived at like 6:10 and i gave the woman at the counter our reference number and she printed off our tickets and told us to hurry since the bus was already outside. we stood in line for the bus and no one was moving so i ran upstairs to pee really fast and when i came back down we were last in line and most people had boarded the bus. no big deal, we might have to sit next to stinky people.

as we're standing outside waiting for the guy to take our tickets, we notice that a few people already on the bus were looking around confusedly. the driver looks at his tally sheet and walks away. we're like "oh fuck." turns out they overbooked the bus and we were stuck. lovely.

we walk inside and i call my dad to try to find out how much amtrak is and if there are any trains running later, since i needed to be back at school tonight. i call my mom, who had dropped us off at the bus station, to let her know the situation. my dad says there is a train at 7:40 and as he's telling me this, the other people who couldn't get on the bus start wandering outside.

the woman at the ticket counter looks at me and my friend and says that we should go outside. i look at her and say, "are there more seats?" she snaps loudly back at me, "Don't stand around asking questions, follow them back outside or you'll miss it!" and looks INSANELY PISSED that i asked why we were walking back out to a full bus.

so i hang up and my friend and i walk back outside. we walk out 30 seconds later than everyone else and find the driver walking away again and everyone turning around and coming back into the building. no, no more seats. so they ask if we want to take the 10:20 bus north or get a refund. my dad said there was the 7:40 train so we're like "fuck this, refund now." get our refunds and go outside to try to find a cab. turns out my lovely mom has turned around to get us and drives us to the amtrak station. unfortunately it turns out my dad can't read or isn't internet-savvy or something and there was only a 6:40 bus, which we missed by mere minutes. my mom ended up having to drive 2 hours north to take us back to school and then 2 hours back home. sucks for her.

but i cannot believe the GALL of that greyhound woman, yelling at me for asking if there are more seats. sorry i don't follow a crowd everywhere they go, i try to figure out what works best for me. my bad.

i also believe this is the same woman who didn't apologize when, to make a long story short, greyhound stranded me in a seattle over thanksgiving weekend. thanks lady.

my mom was appalled and is planning on calling tomorrow, and i'm writing a letter detailing both this incident and the one over thanksgiving break and sending it to whatever greyhound addresses i can find, and maybe calling too.

grr, i hate greyhound, and i hate my limited transportation options so i'm stuck with them, amtrak, or the generosity of student carpools.
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