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Do you not understand my English?!

I feel weird doing this, as I am not one to complain (usually) to anyone but my husband about bad service, but tonight upset me enough I went into shakes (as an aside: does anyone get shakes when they are really upset?) and I just need to rant. For a little background: I work customer/tech. support, and I understand that sometimes, you just really hate customers...but I have never blown up at or been rude to a customer, and hopefully will never do so.

A little over an hour ago I called Charter's tech support line (which I believe is outsourced during non-business hours, of course) and went through the usual spiel of touch-dialing, waiting 10 minutes for an agent, blah blah. The guy answers my call, verifies my information, and never gives me his name. Usually, I don't mind either way - I like to know but I don't say "so Bob, this is my problem" because knowing their name doesn't make us buddy-buddy - so this didn't signify.

After telling him what my problem was (we pay for the almost-fastest internet and have been getting dial-up internet - probably packet loss, but I don't know since I have to call back) he asked me to do a speed test on their website. Cool, no big deal, I told him the stats. There was a graph, and I missed the numbers at the bottom of the page that were right by all the rest of the numbers on the page (ie: somewhat confusing) and I told him we were at # speed...he told me, very condenscendingly, and I quote "this is not a guessing game, the numbers are on the screen so look again and tell me the right ones this time" so I look again and voila! there they are (and for the record, I was off .01 from the actual number by reading the graph) so I tell him.

He then goes into a long spiel about how it's my computer, my browser settings, my this, my that, etc. etc and would not stop...basically, he was ranting at me. I don't hear very well, especially on the phone, and he didn't speak very clearly, especially during this rant so I felt bad but figured I would ask to speak to someone else, and apologize, and blah blah. But when I tried to do so, he...started talking again. And kept talking. A bit like this:

"Sir, I'd like to..."
"Sir! I'd like to..."
Me talking a little louder to be heard over him, but not yelling: "Sir, I'd like to talk to someone else, and I was trying to not be rude about this..."

So...he starts lecturing  me. Telling me I didn't answer his question so I asked him to tell me his question again - "what is the problem you are having?" and I, again, told him and then told him I would like to speak to someone else. In which case he starts yelling at me even louder. I told him I wanted to know his name, and then I would like to speak to a supervisor. That went a bit like this:

"Sir, what is your name?"
"I am not going to answer you until you have answered me."
"Sir, I answered you, what is your name?"
Rinse, lather and repeat a few times.

My husband ended up taking the phone from me because at this point, I was shaking really hard and trying not to cry because he kept yelling at me, and when calling customer service, being yelled at is the last thing I expect...

So he yells at my husband. Would not tell my husband his name, of course, and then he repeatedly told him I was not cooperating by answering his question (which I answered, by the way, up above) and then:

"Do you or she not understand my English? Does she think I am speaking Spanish, Italian or French?!"
My husband: "No, I understand your English just fine, are you listening to mine though?"

Then he kept repeating himself over and over, saying I was not cooperating with him, would not tell my husband his name OR transfer him to a supervisor (he kept saying "do you not understand me?" "what's your problem?") and eventually, after my husband got really firm, he transferred him to some random agent...

Eventually I got ahold of a supervisor, and he was very polite, and apologized over and over and said that kind of thing was not tolerated but...sheesh. I had to go take a really hot bath to calm down because I was shaking so hard. I told him I've usually had good support from their team, let him know I worked in support and understood frustration with customers but that I was completely apalled at the way I was treated.

And yet, I feel like I did something wrong, and I don't know why. Ugh. Anyway, if you got this far, you deserve a gold medal and you rock. =)
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