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I realize everyone starts out like this, but I rarely have contacted a business about bad service. I work in a "big box home improvement store" and understand that things happen beyond others' control.

While I was extremely annoyed with the initial service, the managers response today made me just go...WTF. I'll post all correspondence.

This is my first email to them on the morning of January 18th.

On January 17th at 11:46am I made an order for myself and a few other employee's of the "my cities big box home improvement store" (address and phone number included) to be delivered. I was quoted a delivery time of 30-45 minutes.

The weather in the morning had been very bad but everything was starting to melt at this point, and the roads were free of accidents. At 1pm (30 minutes after the latest part of the quoted time) I called the store back and was told that they were "swamped", there were no drivers in the store, and that our order could be up to another 30 minutes.

The driver arrived about 1:15pm which was 1.5 hours after the order was placed. We work retail, we understand that places get busy, and that the roads weren't completely cleared. With this long of a delay a phone call to the store (they had my name on the order, and my credit card #) would have been greatly appreciated.

There are two things in my mind that could have happened here. The first is that the person that took the original order lied to me about the wait time. If I had been told it would be over an hour, we could have sent someone out to pick it up (our "big box home improvement store" is roughly 4 miles from the Domino's). The second option is that the store got "swamped" after our order was placed, and other orders were delivered before ours. Both of these situations are not acceptable business practices.

Erin K.

Form letterish received January 20th.

Dear Ms. K,

Thank you for taking the time to contact the Domino's Pizza Customer Care Team. As one of our valued customers, your comments are extremely important to us.

I want to apologize for the situation you encountered at the Flower Mound location. Domino's Pizza takes great pride in providing the quality products and service you have come to expect and trust.

Because your Domino's Pizza store is independently owned and operated, I have forwarded your comments to the franchise owner or local representative. Please be assured your comments will be taken seriously and considered to help us improve our operations.

Again, thank you for taking the time to contact us. Your business is very important to us.

Store managers response that I received today.

Hello Erin,

I am the owner of the Domino's here in this area. I regularly shop at your store since I live in Flower Mound. First, I apologize for the delay in getting your pizzas. The person in charge gave you the estimated time for delivery at that moment. However, and I was out in my stores that day, it seems everyone wanted pizza. What happened is that he could not get off the phone because orders were coming in so fast. Before we knew it, we were down over 100 pizzas. I had every management person come in that day. We absolutely did not deliver anyone else in front of you. Even though the roads were not that bad, we got backed up in a hurry. I am not making excuses, I just want you to know what happened. As the minutes ticked by, we were starting to quote up to 2 hours for delivery. We were not in the position to call anyone to revise times. I am sorry. On a normal Friday night for example, we routinely handle up to 300 pizzas an hour, but we have 22 drivers and 15 people inside the store. When bad weather hits, we call everyone in to the store. We could not get people in fast enough. And we started calling at 9 am! I will send you a certificate for a big discount for your next "big box home improvement store" order.
Thank you!


ps. by the way, speaking of being a customer service, I ordered 2 pallets ($500.00) of mulch on January 9th to be delivered on January 15th from your store. On January 18th, yes, 3 days later, I called asking where it was and when would it be delivered. I was told that the trucks were running behind because of the storms, ( I am not making this up, you can verify it) and my order would be delivered on Monday the 22nd.

If you can't tell, it is the last paragraph that is bugging me so much. O.k., they were behind and couldn't/wouldn't call. I'm still not sure how the 30-45 minute quote, that was supposedly "current" turned into an hour and a half, unless they didn't send drivers out for a really long time. But fine, whatever. The last paragraph however, is extremely juvenile. If he wants to complain to someone that is his choice (and I do agree that he should have been notified), he should call customer service, not snark to a lowly paint associate in what should have been a professional email. To act like his stores bad service is o.k. because our vendor messed up something, it kills me.

I know this isn't huge, but coming home to this after my 'wonderful' day at work just made me cringe.

EDIT: I just called my store because I didn't want this coming back on them before I went in for my next shift on Wednesday. My ASM burst out laughing in the middle of that second paragraph, so I don't think I have anything to worry about. I will be giving it to my store manager just in case.
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