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Shitty service at Walgreens

I've been on a letter writing roll this year. Not just bad service ones but good service as well. Well, last week my husband (who is normally very mellow and laid back) came home pissed off and said "You need to write a letter to that fucking Walgreens! I couldn't find the hot cocoa you wanted and that kid Peter gave me the run around and was such an asshole!" So I wrote this letter and e-mailed it to Walgreens corporate. It was forwarded to the local store manager.

On Jan 10 at about 9pm, my husband went into the MM 99.5 Key Largo store to make a few purchases, including some hot chocolate for me (as I was home sick). He couldn't find it, so he asked Peter, who was sweeping up the store. He asked Peter where the hot chocolate was located and he said if he didn't know if they had it or not. When my husband told him that he is sure they have it (beccause I buy it there often) but could not find it, Peter replied that it must be on the shelf then. My husband said that he didn't see it on the shelf, and Peter said "Well, then I guess we don't have it!"
He made no effort whatsoever to tell him what aisle or show him where the item might be. My husband finally got frustrated and asked the cashier, who very nicely showed him where the item was.

When I worked in retail (and I did for a long time), we were always instructed to take the customer to the product and ask if we could help them find anything else. Not only did Peter not do that, he wouldn't even take a minute to tell him what aisle to look in or find out if he did not know. To me, that's really poor service.

I normally have excellent service at this Walgreens, which is why I wanted to bring this to the store managers attention. The employees at this store may need a refresher in good customer service.

Thank you.

Zette T
Key Largo, FL

I got this reply back via e-mail:

I have talked to Peter about this and if you come and see me I would be happy to apologize to you in person.

Mr. McCleskey (Store Manager)


That's fine- that's all I wanted. Hell, just put people on notice that just because it's evening and maybe the store manager isn't there, that doesn't mean you get to be a rude asshole and don't have to help customers. I like the whole "apologize in person" bit. Seriously, I don't want a pound of flesh or you to grovel at my feet- just teach your fucking employees to give decent service for Pete's sake.

(I also don't want to go in because my town is SMALL and the people at the library already know and hate me for writing in to their boss and asking why they have to all TALK SO FUCKING LOUD IN THE LIBRARY!! I got the standard answer of "we'll address it", then the next time I went in to pick up a book on reserve, I went to the counter and said "I have a book on hold for Zette McLastyname..." and every employee swung around and shot me daggers. OH well. Anyway, I didn't want to be a social leper in two places that I go to all the time.)
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