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God, I HATE Columbia House!!

Not sure if this is bad service, but I am sure some of you may have been screwed over by this particular company. The name: Columbia House. A co-worker told me how her 20-year-old daughter had been screwed over by that stupid company had given me the idea to post this.

The first time was experienced by my stupid brother. He wanted music CDs so badly and had signed up for Columbia House. I told him not to do that since I had a bad feeling about the company. Sure enough, after he signed up some unwanted CDs that he NEVER ordered had came to his door. I don't know how many times he had to send them back and how many times he requested them to stop. When the bills came, my mom got all pissy and told my brother to cancel the membership, which he did. Despite writing back many times to Columbia House to cancel the membership, they failed to do so. I don't know how many times before the stupid company finally cancelled it.

We never heard from them again, or so I think.

Years later, some unwanted DVDs came to my door from Columbia House and it was UNDER MY NAME!! Shocked, I sent them back the DVD and a letter telling them that I do not recall signing up for the membership or ordering DVDs. A few weeks later, another DVD showed up and a letter telling me that someone in my household had used my name (and I discovered that it was my stupid brother.) Pissed, I sent them back the DVD as well as a letter telling them to cancel my membership as well as threatening them to call the Better Business Bureau if that wasn't done.

For the whole time, I thought my stupid brother had learned his lesson about signing up to things like this, but I was wrong! I can't believe he used my name to sign up for Columbia House without my knowledge just to get more DVDs. If he wanted more DVDs, he can just simply go out to a nearby store and buy or rent them.

We haven't heard from them since, but I am not sure if my "membership" had cancelled. At least they didn't get my new mailing address. (They still have my old mailing address, but I didn't want to give them the new one since I know they would send me more junk.)

If that fucking company kept sending me things I don't want even though I told them to cancel my membership, I would definitely report them to the Better Business Bureau. I already have a word with my brother about using my name to sign up for that and how pissed I am. (More of a customer suck, I know.)

So, have you or anyone you know have been screwed over by Columbia House?
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