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An update to the post I made this morning

Before I could even think of calling them*, they gave me a "courtesy call". The woman on the other line told me the courtesy call was to see if I was okay or if I was better... whatever. I bluntly said, "No, I am not okay. In fact, I have gotten worse." "*silence*"

I just kind of went off. I told her about my mom calling in the complaint. I told her that the guy told me he was a doctor and actually wasn't. I told her everything that happened, about my bloody nose and the guy accusing me of doing drugs. I told her about him doing nothing but a rushed strep test and telling me nothing other than to drink fluids and rest. She sounded kind of pissed off and shocked. She apologized a lot.

After putting me on hold for a few minutes, they offered me a free appointment with one of their doctors. I politely refused. Not only because I don't ever want to go back there again, but I had an appointment with my new doctor this morning. She apologized again and said that she knew about the complaint my mom made and that they were "taking it very seriously" and she could "understand" my frustrations. I really hope so.

My new doctor was amazing. He's with the UC Davis medical center. He made me completely relaxed throughout my appointment. Turns out I have acid reflux. They are doing more blood work to see what is wrong exactly wrong with me. Even the guy taking my blood was awesome. I freak out around needles so I started crying. He completely calmed me down and another nurse held my hand. They were both so nice.

Someone asked for the name of the place I went. It was the Med 7 Urgent Care Center in Roseville, CA. Not that a lot of people will know where it is. I've decided next time though, I'll just wait to see my doctor. Not only was that guy horrible and put me completely off of urgent care, but that place just gives me the creeps. It is in a really bad area and just really didn't seem clean. At all. Everyone I told this to said, "I would have walked out if I were you!" Blargh. Time to go rest up some more.
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