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Not end of the world bad service...

But when I received the email back from the company, I had to post it.

Slight backstory - DH (Darling Husband) and I went to Baja Fresh (fast 'fresh' Mexican food) for lunch one day. I had literally been to another location about a week earlier and had something my pregnant body LOVED and ordered it again, this time w/ an extra bit of guacamole. So I get my carnitas burrito, and the thing is STUFFED w/ tomatoes. I mean, it tastes like a tomato burrito (and old tasting tomatoes to boot). I had to open it to make sure there was meat in it! (just barely) Then the guacamole was BITTER and BROWN - what the heck? Their whole motto is stuff like: "Fresh is best" "We don't use freezers" etc etc.

I emailed the company, just to make them aware of the great difference between this store and the other store. I was not expecting anything for free, I'll go there again, just probably not to that location.

Here is the email I received in return. I'm picky, yes, about periods and complete sentences and the like.

Dear Rachel, My name is Jennifer Blake and I am the Regional Operator for the Ahwatukee store. I want to apologize for the experience that you had. I have talked tothe team regarding the portioning on the Burritos and also the recipe forour guacamole I would like to invite you back in to our restaurant and try us again I am sure that we can make your experience great. If you have anyfurther questions or comments please feel free to give me a call at thenumber below or reply to this email. We hope to see you soon. Thanks for taking the time to contact us so that we can improve our customer service.

Working together is success, you can do anything you set out to accomplish if you hold that desire
Jennifer Blake Regional Operator Arizona South
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