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Bad service at the "doctor's office"

So, I've been incredibly sick the past few days. I have been trying to get a doctor's appointment but they can't get me in on such short notice.

So, they advised that I go to an Urgent Care Center near my house. It's covered by my insurance, so I went.

I've felt like passing out for the past few days, sick to my stomach, my throat is swollen and I can't swallow. My boyfriend took me to urgent care.

When we got to urgent care one thing made me very happy. They had a sign on their window that said, "Please finish all cell phone calls before approaching the window." However, Ms. Bitch in front of me decided that she was the exception to the rule. She attempted to talk on her cell phone and check in at the same time. This took about fifteen minutes. I understand that the receptionist couldn't just tell the woman to go finish her call and quickly check me in... I do wish she would have. After fifteen minutes, I finally get up there. I can't really talk, so my boyfriend is talking for me.

Bf: Hello. We were referred here by our doctor. She's been... *trying to explain why I can't talk to her*
Receptionist: * almost yells* HAVE you been here before?
Bf: No.
R: *barks rudely* Well then you need to fill out forms. I need your ID and insurance card.

So, I hand over my cards, she copies them and gives me the forms to fill out. I filled them out, brought them up. She glares at me.

About another 15 minutes pass and I get called back to be checked out. The woman who was weighing me, and doing things like checking my blood pressure was a BITCH. She was really tall and looked anorexic. I'm not that short. And I'm holding my ten pound purse, wearing a big heavy belt and a jacket. And hey, I weighed like 140 pounds. Guess what she does? She smirks at me and chuckles. Whatever, I shrugged it off. We go into the room where she asks me some routine questions. She asks what is wrong with me but I could tell she wasn't really listening. She asks if I smoke, I say that I quit on the first of January. She rolls her eyes. She tells me the doctor will be in, in a few minutes.

About five minutes later the "doctor" walks in and introduces himself as "doctor ______". I go through the same stuff of telling him what is wrong with me. He asks me if I smoke. I said no, but that I quit on January 1st. He rolls his eyes as well. He says he's going to do a strep test. Now, lately my nose has been very dry. Within the past month I've had a nose bleed that just starts without warning. I don't know why, but it does.

And it just so happened that my nose started bleeding in the doctor's office.

Me: *nose bleeding* Oh great. Can I have some tissues please? *keeping my cool*
"Doctor": Are you on DRUGS?
Me: NO.
Doctor: Are you not telling me something? Are you on drugs?
Me: No, I'm not.

Doctor rolls his eyes and leaves the room. He quickly comes back in. Right now, blood is coming out of my nose. He tells me to lean backwards and immediately, blood gushes down my throat. He says, "I need to do a strep test. Open your mouth". I said, "Uh, I can't. Blood is gushing down my throat." I'm trying to stop my nose from bleeding. He repeats himself and then says, "You know what? I'll come back." when he sees how pissed off my boyfriend looks at him.

His attitude towards me and the way he accused me of being on drugs made me start crying. The way he said it just .. I don't know. Made me snap. So, after a few minutes my nose stops bleeding. The doctor takes a strep test, tells me it came back clear about five minutes later. He tells me he thinks it is viral, and that I just need to drink fluids and rest and that is all he can say. He practically pushes me out of the office and shoves a piece of paper at me that says, "Drink fluids. If not better in 3 or 4 days, go to hospital".

So, my boyfriend and I, pissed off, leave. A few minutes later I call my mom, crying. I still can't swallow which is making me panic and makes it hard to breathe. I asked her what to do. She, being overprotective, calls the doctor's office.

They end up telling me that the guy I saw, who introduced himself as a doctor, was not a doctor. He was a nurse, filling in for a doctor who was busy. He was "new" according to the center's supervisor. Apparently the supervisor sounded very shocked and angry at how the guy treated me.

However, one of my friends asked me, "If you saw a patient and their nose just started bleeding, what would you think?"

I don't know. My mom complained and was told to call back on Monday to make a formal complaint. But some other people I've asked said that he was probably just confused. I was incredibly upset by the way this guy treated me. Does anyone have advice on what to do? I'm going to my new doctor this morning. Hopefully he's more helpful. He's been my boyfriend's doctor for years and apparently is a really good guy. I just hope I don't get another "It's viral, drink fluids and rest" diagnosis.
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