Kara CANNIBAL (karacannibal) wrote in bad_service,

hi there, i'm a bit of a frequenter on customers_suck, but this is my first post here.
i'm a pretty polite person (with strangers usually, anyway) so i rarely get bad service, but i'm FUMED about what just happened barely 5 minutes ago.

i've recently moved into my new appartment, my fiance has been out of work for a bit, so we needed a smaller, cheaper place. today i finally got my inspection from my old place in the mail, stating how much of my old damage deposit i got back.
now, in my free time i kind of have more of a "rock and roll" lifestyle, so the place wasn't perfect when we left it, i also have to work a lot more lately so i didn't have time to clean EVERYTHING and do repairs myself (and i've come to terms with this).
the place wasn't run down or anything, it was mostly a case of a few carpet stains, and some patching jobs that were cracking (that were just really shitty jobs that happened BEFORE we got there, and just starting giving away while we were there).

Our damage deposit was $307
We got money taken off for these things...
Suite Cleaning - $60
Carpet Cleaning - $60
Suite Painting - $35
Repairs to Suite - (blinds) $90
Other - (burnt out light) $5
(front door key) $25

Don't ask me about the blinds, we never really touched them, infact i don't know what set of blinds this is even talking about. During the inspection was never mentioned to me that something was wrong with them. But whatever, thats kind of a technicality, unfortunately they can talk themselves out of it because really if it was broken, it was broken, whether i knew about it or not.
I have an issue with this, when I went for the inspection, I forgot my hubby's set of keys so when it came to handing them in, I had to run back to our new place and get them from him.
BUT, he already handed them in, he said he wrote his name and our suite number on an envelope and slipped them under the leasing office door, under instruction of the security guard.
So I ran back to the leasing office, and explained this, the land lady shuffles some papers on her desk and does a little "oh here it is!" opens them it up, checks to make sure, etc. it was all good.

so i assume this is a mistake, maybe she wrote it on her original inspection list and forgot to change it, so i call them up, and start chatting politely with the land lady's assisstant. she tries to solve the issue herself but the land lady keeps saying that she didn't get the key, so then i say, "But I saw it in her hand."
the assisstant passes the phone on to the land lady and this conversation ensues.

Me - Hi there, there seems to be a mix up on our inspection, you're charging us for a key that we've returned.
LL - No, sorry, I never got it.
Me - Yes, you did. (I re-explain the story for the 5th time).
LL - Well, I don't seem to have it, I'll check with some of the other girls working here..
Me - Why? The key was given directly to you (I start getting annoyed, this woman seems to think I'm lying, she was always pretty self righteous about everything when i was living there).
LL - (she huffs and puffs) Fine, what did it say on the envelope then?
Me - It said "my hubby's name" and our suite number, which was 325.
LL - Well we're only charging for the front door key, maybe it wasn't in there.
Me - No, it was, you opened the envelope and checked, you said everything was fine and sent me on my way.
LL - Whatever, I'll think about it.
Me - .. well.. what are you going to think about? Whether you believe me or not?
LL - I'll just think about it ok? (and she hung up)

I'm giving her until monday, then I'm calling again, if this continues, I will go down there and yell at her to her face.
Why should I pay money because she's stupid and misplaces something?

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