Kelly (kelism) wrote in bad_service,

My latest hobby is sending nasty letters to companies that annoy me (which is all my partner's fault). Opinions on the following? Anything I should change/delete/add?

Capital One
PO Box 85051
Richmond, VA 23285-5051



Thank you for sending me your request to verify my address. It seems you need either an original bank statement or a utility bill – but there are inherent problems with this request. In my living arrangement, my name is not on any of the utilities so I cannot provide you with that form of documentation. And I am definitely not sending an original bank statement. According to your own website, identity thieves may "open a bank account in your name and write bad checks on that account" or "counterfeit checks or debit cards and drain your bank account." They do this by "steal[ing] your mail, including your bank and credit card statements, pre-approved credit offers, telephone calling cards, and tax information" or by "buy[ing] your personal information from 'inside' sources." Therefore, I do not feel comfortable providing you with my personal banking information.

I understand that to help fight the funding of terrorism, Federal law requires you to obtain and verify my name, address, date of birth and any other information that allows you to identify me. I feel that this letter serves as that proof and I hope that you respectfully accept this as verification of my current address.

If you wish to contact me, you can do so at the address above or by calling (XXX) XXX-XXXX after 5 p.m. EST. I can also be reached by email at

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